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#1 2018-02-02 18:37:57

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dispatch smoking..!

I am led to believe my van is smoking because the crank case vapours are not filtering and thus going back into the combustion chamber for burning!!

Any ideaS?

Thinking of putting in my own oil catcher to solve!!?


#2 2018-02-14 15:41:58

From: SW. Scotland
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Re: dispatch smoking..!

I'm not convinced that would cure .. but hey disconnect give it a whirl...

I'm not so sure how much blow by would be needed but it would need to be breathing very heavily, to the point a catch can would likely fill quickly (How quick is oil dropping on dipstick?).......... Disconnect breather and if road testing necessary to replicate ........  temporary stick breather in a can or so see if it continues...or what happens 

Colour of smoke from exhaust is often a good indicator and when.....Hot/cold engine.... White ish, grey, dark grey, blue, black and on acceleration... overrun..... tick over..... all the time....
There's many factors and even with the normal rule of thumb here more  info is needed .... but even though an on line a prognosis is not always a foregone conclusion.


#3 2018-02-15 23:21:31

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Re: dispatch smoking..!

and what makes you think crankcase fumes are getting reburnt?
more likely piston blowby, i.e your pistons are blowing oil everwhere, all over the place.

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