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#1 Re: General Discussion » 2.0 hdi Lumpy idle / slow pick up » 2024-02-26 22:40:55

BogEyes wrote:

Are you saying that the lift pump will pump Diesel before the the engine has been started?

(Apologies for the thread hi-jack @Kieron_G)

yes on HDI versions of the Dispatch the pump will prime for a few seconds when you switch the ignition to the 2nd "on" position.

im not sure but i think some DW8 engines had a lift pump but they were quite rare. usually they are a manual prime on the fuel filter.

#2 Re: General Discussion » Intermittent indicator » 2024-02-11 01:53:43

just when you lifted the stalk up..  nothing happened. i guess the wd-40 did the trick as its been fine since.

and people tell me never to use wd-40 as a contact cleaner. works fine for me..  3 years on!

#3 Re: General Discussion » Intermittent indicator » 2024-02-07 20:39:39

yeah i had it with mine, i managed to spray it with WD-40 as a "i wonder if it will work" thing and it did!

i must admit though, they are quite easy to replace if it cant be fixed, and very cheap big_smile … Swm-djBLqy

#4 Re: General Discussion » Spotted a striking Dispatch in bright orange » 2024-02-05 23:24:41

nice! yeah we had them like that years ago..  dont think i ever saw a dispatch though in DCC colours. what did the reg start with? can usually tell form that where it was registered. dont think they would have bought second hand

#5 Re: General Discussion » MAF on 2.0 HDI (2006) » 2024-01-27 18:19:01

ohh cushy. leather in a dispatch! i thought i was good with aircon!

one thing to note, if the van is older than 2008, the engine management light can be lit and it will still pass the MOT.

#6 Re: General Discussion » 2.0 hdi Lumpy idle / slow pick up » 2024-01-24 20:41:47

hmm without live data diagnostics i guess we wont know if its the fuel pressure for sure.. so yes i would suggest swapping the fuel rail pressure sensor.

i have not had much experience with the high pressure fuel side of the HDi DW10 engines (its always been pretty reliable!). so it would be guesswork from me now hmm sorry..  maybe i will think of something though.

#7 Re: General Discussion » 2.0 hdi Lumpy idle / slow pick up » 2024-01-24 01:02:18

hey there, when was your fuel filter last changed?  yes it can be your in tank pump but if that does not work, the engine just wont run.  you should be able to hear the in tank pump running when you turn the ignition to position 2.

its possible it can be a fuel rail pressure sensor but its not common for them to fail on a HDI.
how is your temperature gauge behaving? a faulty temperature sensor can cause all kinds of fun.

see unlike the 1.9 (XUD and DW8) with NO lift pump, the HDIs fuel system is being pressurised constantly while running by the lift pump, you never get air leaking into the fuel system with a HDI. its one thing you can rule out.  you can however get low fuel delivery flow to the high pressure pump due to a blocked fuel filter. so its worth checking or at least doing a flow test on.
you can do a flow test by following the high pressure pumps feed (the pipe with no other pipes connected to it coming from the fuel filter) back, unplugging it from the fuel filter, sticking a pop bottle over the outlet from the fuel filter and get someone to turn the ignition to position 2 (glow plug mode)..  or disconnect the battery, switch the ignition to position 2, set the pop bottle in position and just touch the battery connector to the battery terminal.  (best battery terminal design ever)

the flow rate should be quite a lot.

see how it goes and report back with the findings big_smile

#8 Re: General Discussion » MAF on 2.0 HDI (2006) » 2024-01-22 22:32:38

hmm yeah it should throw an EML.
im running a cheap Ebay MAF sensor, its been on my van now for 3 years and its been good.

i think the EML does take a few cycles of the ignition to come on. no doubt it will be a "pending" code.

the software in the HDI ecus is great. it literally lets you get away with murder as far as sensor faults go. the worst thing is the EML coming up. i dont think they have a "limp" mode and if they do, well ive not managed to put mine in it yet and ive had every sensor unplugged bar the fuel rail, crank, and cam sensors. it still gave me somewhat full power

#9 Re: Maintenance » Knocking/tapping sound coming from top of engine when revving » 2024-01-08 23:02:57

yes it does very much so. the cam lobes directly contact the "shims" (spacers) above the valves. the valve train setup is practically identical to the Fiat FIRE engine found in the old Panda, Cinquecento (sporting), Uno and Punto.. pretty much any 90s Fiat with an over head cam 8 valve engine size between 750cc to 1400cc

i have never known an injector its self to sound noisy while injecting. however an incorrect spray pattern or low pressure could cause a knock.. just like when a diesel is cold starting. however a bad burn would be very easy to tell by the smoke from the exhaust. low pressure is unlikely on a HDI as it has a common rail at a constant pressure

you could unplug the electrical connector from each injector individually and see if the knock goes away if it does on one cylinder that that would indicate an injector/burn issue.

another thing you could do is go down a long hill and turn off the ignition (but instantly turn it back to the aux radio powering position or the steering lock will come on!) then listen to see if you can hear the tapping sound still. that would indicate a mechanical taping and not a injection/bad burn knock as the injectors would be electrically off.

what i want to know is how fast the tapping sound it to the sound of the engine. just from that i will be able to tell what part it is.

#10 Re: Maintenance » Knocking/tapping sound coming from top of engine when revving » 2024-01-03 00:39:06

it can be anything from an injector not firing right to the timing being slightly off.  a tapping sound can indicate oil starvation to the valve train as these engines use the oil to hydraulically cushion the cam pressing the valve open helping keep things quiet. hows the servicing on the van been? it can be wise on a service to use an oil thinner/flush to help break down anything blocking an oil gallery.

yes a video/audio recording would be good. smile

#12 Re: Maintenance » Dispatch 1.9 cranking but not starting. » 2023-12-17 04:19:59

on the 1.9 you can pretty much rule out anything to do with the ECU however you could do with checking if the stop solenoid on the diesel injection pump is getting power.

try manually powering just the stop solenoid and see if with that powered it will start.

there's a possibility it could be the ignition switch.. given the radio cutting in and out. try jiggling the key around while cranking and see if that does anything. failing that take the top steering wheel cowling off and bridge over all the connections on the ignition barrel plug. each wire from the live will effectively do what the 2x on positions do on the key and one will engage the starter.

the immobiliser on these engines as far as i know only make the ECU stop working, and these engines will "run" without the ECU all be it rough. its just there to smooth out the injections. the 1.9 is a hybrid mechanical/electric engine that will just run on the mechanical side like i say all be it rough and smokey.

now theres also the possibility of a snapped cam belt.. i know this is the worst case.. often i have found with XUD based engines like the DW8 (1.9) they sound perfectly fine when cranking but upon removal of the cam belt cover i have found a snapped belt. (i work in a scrap yard and rescued a few of these vans now)

let us know how you get on!

#13 Re: General Discussion » Cold weather shield » 2023-12-09 00:50:29

i have an under tray on mine, i got it from Ebay. it is just a flat sheet of plastic with no curves.. very easy to make yourself. all you need is the half turn screws and rectangle shaped socket/nut things they screw into that you put in the rectangle holes dotted around the sub frame to hold it in place

im due an oil change, when its off ill take a photo of it. maybe someone can make one using some thin aluminium or plastic from the photo.

#14 Re: General Discussion » In France at present........... » 2023-12-09 00:45:55

bring me back a LWB and ill convert it to right hand drive!

#15 Re: Maintenance » Alternative key fobs » 2023-11-29 02:24:40

i got my original key fob/plip working once after a mass soldering session. once. it worked one time and then never did again. they operate on 433.925 mhz. if you get one of those cheap chinese UHF hand held radios they can detect the signal and tell you if the keyfob is working.

i pretty much just wired in an after market Toad (ai606) alarm, wiring it into the loom going to the original "body control module"/original central locking module wiring.

much more neat and an alarm over just central locking.

#16 Re: Maintenance » Radiator bleed screw positions on 2006 Peugeot Expert » 2023-11-27 20:21:14

if you have the DW10 1997cc HDI engine, it should be self bleeding. when i did the coolant change on mine i never had to do anything, just keep filling it up.
if you get working heaters you have enough coolant flow to take it for a drive. dont be afraid to gun the engine, high revs will push any air out of the system bringing it to the header tank.

my old fiat panda 4x4 gets air lock in the heater matrix, high revs soon push the air out.

also if after a few weeks your coolant low light comes on, dont worry. it will just be small pockets of air making its way to the header tank. just top up as needed, it will stop needing it.

#17 Re: General Discussion » Uphill starting issues (2.0 HDi) also do we have a lifter pump? » 2023-11-16 01:11:06

i think its just a fuel temperature sensor. nothing fancy on these vans. the under tray was from ebay. it did cost some if i remember though. i bought it to help the thing get warm in the winter.

#18 Re: General Discussion » Uphill starting issues (2.0 HDi) also do we have a lifter pump? » 2023-11-14 01:01:42

i mean, it has a damp patch on the top of the pump. no puddle under the van yet.. mind you i do have an under tray fitted to mine. besides if it got that bad, i have the pump and fuel pressure sensor from a bmw m57 engine ready to go on... just swap the 2 outer wires around on the fuel pressure sensor and its apparently like having it remapped making the fuel rail pressure double!

bet it makes things interesting...

#19 Re: General Discussion » Uphill starting issues (2.0 HDi) also do we have a lifter pump? » 2023-11-11 18:57:12

ahh nice. yes its common. i was lucky with mine, it seems to seal quite well. i did replace the o ring though. yeah with the gold dust in it, that looks like its not been changed for a while..  i would expect to see that after like 50k miles. my one was the same when i changed the filter.

you can totally drain the fuel filter down if you do end up having a lift pump as they prime up quite quick.

i dont have a cheap scanner sadly, i have a foxwell all in one and delphi clone that runs off a laptop. both read the fuel rail pressure.

the tanks on these vans are quite long so they would get it where they suck air if they are low on fuel and on a steep slope.

in my van i have a slight leak on the high pressure pump. its not enough to drip but its enough to get the smell and see a slight "wet" patch.

ill get around to doing it. i need to change the oil and filter on both my van and my little old panda 4x4. ill get around to it at some point.

#20 Re: General Discussion » Uphill starting issues (2.0 HDi) also do we have a lifter pump? » 2023-11-10 21:56:54

yeah mine has a lift pump. i am not sure however but i think theres a version of the HDi that does not have one. i may be wrong though.

i must admit the lifter pump is rather silent on these, my advice is to take off the return fuel line to the tank, put a bit of pipe onto the engine side of the fuel return,  pop the other end of the pipe into a clean bottle and just turn the ignition on for a second but dont start the engine. if you have fuel in the bottle the lift pump is working.

i say do it on the return as it wont de-prime the fuel system.

theres also the possibility that the fuel filter seal may be letting air get into it. though that was more common on the 1.9 dw8 (and xud) style fuel filter housings.

you do have an inertia switch on these vans which is located around where the power steering bottle is. that switch if tripped cuts off the power to the in tank fuel pump.

usually however if the in tank lifter pump fails, the engine wont run.

if the gradient of the hill is quite steep, it may be just the fact that the lifter pump is out of the level of fuel in the tank. my old Fiat panda does that when i get the light come on but i did rebuild the tank and remove all the baffles from it (lol baffles in a 35l tank.. thats really going to flip the car over).

its something i have never tried with my van.. but im one of those people that never let the fuel light come on lmao never know when i may need to do a big road trip. always prepared.

#21 Re: General Discussion » 2005 Peugeot Expert with WJYB8 engine rough idle » 2023-11-08 19:48:04

kenbw2 wrote:
JohnDragonMan wrote:

the engine will run without the ecu. it just makes it run smooth.

Is this true of the DW10 HDi too?

no its a totally ECU controlled engine with a single high pressure fuel rail which feeds all of the injectors with high pressure fuel constantly while the engine is running.
the only thing that makes the injectors fire is the ecu. on the DW8 the pump provides pressure sequentially to each injector individually which is why the pump needs to be timed when doing a cam belt change. the ECU on the DW8 actually shuts the fuel off when it sends power to the injector. well more so pulses the fuel on an off while it burns.
the DW8's injector pump is a lot like the older XUD injector pumps only if they had the fuel screw turned all the way up and the injection time really long.

its all fascinating stuff, what different diesel engine manufacturer's did to comply with the higher emissions tolerances at the time the engine was made. while at the same time using as much of the old "machines that made the older (XUD era) engines" and also parts from the older engines..  or at least changing them as little as possible.

AlvyLad wrote:

Would you not discount cacked injectors in all?

anything's possible however to me with it working "sometimes" perfectly fine i would not have thought build up on the injectors would cause it. i know a little with the dw8 only from... experiments.. with a few test subjects that came into the scrap yard i work at. not had one in for a while sadly. however what i learned was that if the DW8 looses something electrically important the engine keeps running but runs rough due the injection time being longer and more fuel being dumped causing grey smoke.

something Scudojimbo69 may like to know is that if all else fails, you can just take off the injection pump and pull the injectors and just fit the injection pump and matching injectors from any old XUD engine. not only does the engine sound better but you also make it super reliable effectively removing all of the *ahemunnecessaryahem* electronics from the engine.  ...   and you can also run it on.... well very "bio" fuels

personally to me the better engine out of all 3 is the XUD9TD 1905cc. i even retrofitted a non turbo one into a gas forklift truck at work as the original gas/lpg mitsibusi 4G3 engine kept blowing head gaskets and i was sick of replacing them. 6 years on the engine daily has the living hell thrashed out of it (as its geared for engines with a 7k rpm red line) so its always being held at its maximum RPM (strait from cold too might i add!). like i say 6 years on of all that hell and it shows absolutely no signs of failing. i dont think its ever been serviced too.. not by me anyway, i never have the time. i bet those precombustion chambers look like a spiders web haha

sorry rambling on..

#22 Re: General Discussion » Any aging bikers who know their engines? » 2023-11-06 00:33:01

it looks a lot like the old AJS 350. its just not right though, i wonder if its an early/late variant.
some older Nortons with the 350cc engine use the triangle timing gear covers...

not old just have an interest.. smile

#23 Re: General Discussion » 2005 Peugeot Expert with WJYB8 engine rough idle » 2023-11-06 00:14:33

i dont think its normal. like i say that sounds like an earthing issue.. somethings trying to route through the relay to get a ground.

im not really clued up on the dw8 engine sadly i am more of a dw10 HDI... guy.

thing is, glowplugs should not cause the issue. the ecu only exists to "refine" the injections. the engine will run without the ecu. it just makes it run smooth. sadly i think it will be a "keep replacing things until it works" thing. otherwise plug it into some diagnostic live data and see what stops working when the issue happens. like if suddenly it stops displaying RPMs it would be the crank shaft sensor. if you loose all connection to the ecu it would be a power to the ecu failure.

its about all you can do. if you are close to Derby i can do the diagnostics for you smile

#24 Re: General Discussion » 2005 Peugeot Expert with WJYB8 engine rough idle » 2023-11-05 18:08:59

when its doing the rough running, if you turn it off and start it up again is it the same?

if so turn it off, unplug the ECU and see if its identical. these will run without the ecu plugged in but it runs rough with smoke.

it can be anything from bad ECU power to a faulty crank position sensor. i have seen it where the ECU can get a bad ground that causes all kids of issues.

#25 Re: General Discussion » Old and new type rear shocks » 2023-10-30 21:07:20

slightly longer is nice..  so long as they are the same height when compressed it does not matter wink

my old fiat panda 4x4 is using non standard shocks which are slightly longer but it still works perfectly smile

ive not really used my van for a while now hmm

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