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#1 Re: General Discussion » 2015 Peugeot Expert 2.0HDi 1200 L2H2 130bhp 0-60 times :D » 2022-10-04 19:42:46

Have you not disconnected/blocked the EGR?  I dont know about modern Van's, but the mk1 runs better with the EGR disabled.  I just blocked the air tubes that actuate the valve, so that it doesn't light up the engine vault light.

#2 Re: General Discussion » What size tyres » 2022-10-03 16:19:39

Bit late, but for what it's worth, stick with the factory recommended sizes.  There is usually a sticker in the sill or the door, with the tyre size and pressures.  Dont just go for the size of the fitted tyres, the previous owner may have gone for unsuitable ones.

#3 Re: General Discussion » TEST! » 2022-10-02 10:03:57

I've not logged in for a while either.  Still running the Expert, been pretty good, passed the MOT in February needing front arm bushes and a little bit of welding on the sill.
Last week my gear stick went, a previous owner had stuck the bracket back on (I refuse to call his butchery "welding"...), but despite my gentle treatment of said stick, the bracket came off again.  The local scrappy had a replacement, for 40 notes, so yesterday afternoon I spend mostly swearing and cursing the designer of the dashboard... mad .   Brute force, however, saved the day.  When at first you dont succeed,  use a bigger hammer. cool

Gear change all good now. 

Every cloud....   the donor vehicle has a rear compartment roof lining... yikes  big_smile

#4 Re: General Discussion » MK 1 crew seats or double front swap » 2022-10-02 09:31:35

If you are looking for the rear seats, I know a Berlingo in a scrapyard that has them.  I'm going there again tomorrow,  to have another look at the roof lining... ( I had the gear stick out of it yesterday..  smile ).   I'll find out how much, and if any fold. 

I may be interested in the swivel seat.

#5 Re: Maintenance » New brakes, how to adjust? » 2021-08-15 16:48:04

  I took it for a drive today, and the brakes are fine in operation, obviously need to bed in a bit yet.  I've realised that  the handbrake is adjusted manually at the cable, under the body.... ops  I'll do that later when its dry.

#6 Maintenance » New brakes, how to adjust? » 2021-08-14 17:49:04

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Righto, just fitted new drums and shoes on the rear, and did the disk and pads on the offside front, all good, no seized bolts and crap, and the drum only needed a little bit of whacking to come off.  Doing the other disk and pads tomorrow. 

Question..  my hand brake lever now goes all the way up, and at max only just holds. Tried the brakes on the drive, the brake pedal feels a bit like it has air in it, first depression a bit spongey,  a few pumps and rock hard.  Brakes work ok.  Do the auto adjusters in the drums work? How fast?   Does the hand brake auto adjust?

The nice people at Euro Parts gave  me three disks by mistake, they got a box with just the one disk in it, so they got another box (thinking there was meant to be only one disk in the box...), guess what, second box has two disks in it... ta very much.  Although not sure what I'll do with one disk.  Anybody need a disk?


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