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#1 Re: Maintenance » Diesel Injector » 2023-11-20 11:05:16

Yeah couldn't  find it.

Is there away to stop them leaking. Or what causes it?

I read above it says there is no seal between the two halves which I thought was strange.

#2 Re: Maintenance » Oil leak from DW8B cam cover » 2023-11-20 10:59:04

So on mine

Basically in Two halves so it's metal to metal from the main part to the head. So used sealant on that. It's only got 2x 6mm bolts holding it down. Probably why they leak so badly

Then on top is a plastic cover. Ordered a set of eBay which came with two. One fitted the other got filed in the bin. Rubber gasket jobbies

Hope that helps

#3 Re: Maintenance » Diesel Injector » 2023-11-19 18:08:35

Think they are lucas but not 100% sure ?

#4 Re: Maintenance » Diesel Injector » 2023-11-19 15:06:53

Hello looking for a replacement injector as one is leaking from the yellow arrow pictured above.

My search so far has not been the good.

Is there different types ie botch or lucas how. Do you tell the difference ?

Thanks in advance

#5 Re: General Discussion » Aftermarket oil pressure gauge » 2022-12-19 17:31:08

After posting I also found these on ebey just need to check what the thread is on factory pressure switch.

Also need to find out if I can splice into the temp gauge wires. With out causing any issues to run a separate one also as dash one is random at the best of times lol ?

#6 General Discussion » Aftermarket oil pressure gauge » 2022-12-17 16:24:30

Replies: 2

Hi has anyone ever fitted an aftermarket oil pressure gauge

To run permanently? Is there a point on the block DW8 engine that could be used as a take off?

Was thinking do turbo version have oil pressure pipes. That's blanked off on the non turbo versions?

Thanks In advance

#8 Re: General Discussion » Peugeot expert interior lighting » 2022-12-11 15:48:45

Anyone every had to replace the switches my driver door one has stopped working.

Had a quick Google but didn't know if anyone had found some more like for like ones ?

#9 Re: Maintenance » Brake caliper repair kits » 2022-11-12 23:22:47

Yeah no of those lol ?
Just a single pin at the top that goes though a sliding bush

#10 Re: Maintenance » Brake caliper repair kits » 2022-11-12 23:21:12

Lol ? I'll have a look


#12 Maintenance » Brake caliper repair kits » 2022-11-12 08:37:04

Replies: 4

Hi all I have a 2005 dispatch. 1.9d

Front left caliper. The main sliding pin at the top is all covered in nasty corrosion and the two rubber boots are missing

Despite my best efforts to clean it up. Has some deep pitting results in the brake dragging ever so slighty.

Iv had a Google but not been able to find much in the way of replacement parts.

I know often you can get kits ?

Any input greatly appreciated

#14 Re: General Discussion » Can anyone help? Missing part of my 03 dispatch » 2022-11-06 10:17:36

I have the same question mine just has a long pipe like an elephants trunk lol.

But it just floats around under the bonnet should it be clipped up somewhere?


#15 Re: Maintenance » Wiring diagram » 2022-10-22 19:33:04

hi does anyone have a wiring diagram please

the links dont seem to work

thanks in advance

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