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#3 General Discussion » Dispatch enterprise 1.9d 6 seater for sale » 2023-10-16 10:21:38

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Hi all. Apologies if in the wrong topic area. I have my 2005 1.9d 815 dispatch for sale. 74000 miles. 6 seater.  Rear sliding bench seat. The rear seat was fitted by a mobile mech, from a mazda bongo, with seat belts. Has got wav ramp and winch.  Used for pulling my my scooter in and out. Front disks and pads recently changed. Anti freeze changed. Serviced regular.  Rear springs and mounts changed in July.  White. Rear sliding windows.  Selling as wife needs an automatic. When I purchased in Dec 2022 the garage said at had the cambelt and water pump done.  Mot due 30 November 23.  So price with an mot £2500.  As is £2000.  I have had a quick look round and can't find any thing obvious why It won't pass mot.  Any viewing welcome,  sold as seen.  Pics on request.  Awaiting delivery of wife's car. Will post when van is available.  Portsmouth area.

#4 Re: Maintenance » Gremlins! 12v confusion. » 2023-07-03 18:20:32

This is what I used, for different issue.  Might help but from Citroen jumpyCitroen%20Jumpy%20Circiut%20Electrical%20Diagrams.pdf?dl=0

#5 Re: General Discussion » Adding central locking to MK1 face lift 2005 » 2023-05-06 21:16:43

Dellboy wrote:

interested  in this is there a link please

Don't think so as yet. Im going to hopefully do a tutorial on it if people are interested.    Ill just need help with where to post it.  And how to load pictures.  Weekend of 13/05/23 i'll be installing. If not sooner.

#7 General Discussion » Adding central locking to MK1 face lift 2005 » 2023-05-06 13:32:18

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Hi all.  Does any one know if the wiring looms for central locking is pre installed?  I have looked at the wiring diagrams which are on the forum, which are quite easy to follow.  I have removed the rear door panel to find the purple and orange wires, which do correspond with the wiring diagram for central locking.   Are the other looms ready in the front doors and side doors??

I have purchased a kit from Amaz** . Jc201 kit.  I was hoping to wire it where the factory fitted unit is located in the fuse box behind the glove box, so if the looms are there it would save a bit of time.   I'll take pictures as I go!    Today it's raining and got the grandson round , watching Pepper pig.  Lol.

#8 Re: Maintenance » Front disc size's » 2023-05-02 18:21:52

Got the son to take wheel off....250mm.   Can't believe Halfords is cheaper than euros and gsf. For the same item.

#9 Maintenance » Front disc size's » 2023-04-30 22:10:06

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Hi All.   Thank you for letting me join!!   I had a peep through the forum, but couldn't find it .  Would anyone know the front disc size on DISPATCH I & II TYPE 800 VAN SHORT 1.9 D 71 (DW8B) Manual gearbox 5, 2005.  I know its a question of removing the front wheel and measuring, but is there away?? There seems to be 3 different sizes.   I have my vin number at hand.
Its hard finding the opr or RPO code.  I can forward a copy of the white plate numbers from the door edge if it helps?

Any help would be great!!! big_smile

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