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#1 Re: Maintenance » Heater Not Warming Cab » Yesterday 23:48:48

Steviebarbour wrote:

Hi do you have any idea how to remove matrix pipes

To ,me it looks the same as fuel pipes but larger. Press this part in (Picture) Possibly one the other side so press both and pull.


#3 Re: General Discussion » Suggestions For Brighter Reversing Bulbs » 2024-02-24 02:15:53

When i put my last Dispatch out for pastures new and went larger one thing what pissed me of is not being able to judge reversing into gaps at night even when using a reverse camera. I was lucky i could take the whole light unit out and bin the lot for LED. This did help but i wanted a bit better as it things still looked like an out of focus TV so a put a small light low and in the middle. You can see it in this picture under the doors. It did not need to be bright just enough to reflect any cars, walls or whatever drunk that wants to walk behind a reversing motor. No recommendation as i just grabbed the first bit of flush LED tat on ebay and it was an instant hit. What i will say if you want to change all bulbs to LED make sure your stop/tail light is not Chinese tat. The majority of them you can hardly tell at night if the brake has been pressed. I even bought a set that said the P21/5W but looked more like 6/5W


#4 Re: Spare Parts » Single front seats » 2024-02-14 01:46:29

kenbw2 wrote:

How've you managed to get a single passenger seat? I didn't think they came with any

Unless it's out of the car version?

When i got mine it was advertised as out the out the disability version where the floor dropped for wheelchair access


#5 Re: Maintenance » 2004 1.9D 5 speed box - Speed sensor intermittent » 2024-01-23 00:41:07

kenbw2 wrote:
Casper wrote:

I thought the speedo was cable driven. Im sure my Expert was but never needed to strip it on my Dispatch. Saying that i could be getting mixed up with the 306 as i was forever taking that out changing bulbs

In all of my "Eurovan" vehicles - including the earlier Synergie/806 setups - it's been electronic signals. Different electrical connections between the eras, but never any cable driven ones

Interesting. My Expert was a 99/2000 model where the Dispatch was 04. Would that make a difference?? Probably thinking my 306's then

#6 Re: General Discussion » MAF on 2.0 HDI (2006) » 2024-01-22 23:19:43

No way to fool the MAF sensor. I put a cone filter in my Maxus and the light has been on ever since. Age yet before the MOT is due but i would rather not have the light on if i could.

#7 Re: Maintenance » 2004 1.9D 5 speed box - Speed sensor intermittent » 2024-01-22 21:39:27

I thought the speedo was cable driven. Im sure my Expert was but never needed to strip it on my Dispatch. Saying that i could be getting mixed up with the 306 as i was forever taking that out changing bulbs

#8 Re: Maintenance » Citroen Dispatch 1.9D - White Smoke and Misfire when started cold » 2024-01-22 14:18:13

Valve stem seals would mean oil seeping through so blue ish smoke. White smoke could mean start of head gasket going to just condensation in the exhaust. Cold weather could explain that is its whats happening now with my Maxus. Engine running like a bag o shite when cold. Check glowplug relay is working and check the power is getting to the plugs. I noticed when i had my dispatch and Expert the coil light went out way before the relay clicked of. Also check you crank shaft sensor is seated properly or even replace it for the sake of a few quid. If its running fine when worm i cant see it being a timing issue. Stop solenoid in the pump possibly????

#9 Re: Maintenance » Knocking/tapping sound coming from top of engine when revving » 2024-01-12 12:26:16

OAT wrote:

Without hearing it, it's all speculation.

Remember in the 70's when cars had small stainless steel hub caps? I wonder what shit in his youth used to take them off and put old nuts and bolts in them and pop back on again. big_smile

#10 Re: Maintenance » Peugeot Expert 1.6 » 2024-01-11 16:54:19

Is it smoking? I did it years ago with an old Mk2 Escort. I blew some piston rings but being petrol it was nor running on its own oil just burning most of it and running like crap. That would explain your revving between gear changes due to diesels being able to run on oil.  but before panicking do as mentioned drain and re do the oil. Find out from the user manual how many litres your van takes and put that amount in the one container. Drain oil and filter and refill.  You got an intercooler? If so pop the pipes off and stick a finger in to see if its soaking with oil as that will want flushed out if so and if oil has been going round that area its probably been blowing into your turbo. Talking of which if the pressure in the engine is that hight the turbo is oil fed/lube. The pressure may have been blowing that into your turbo what will blow it into into you intercooler and its chucking in clean air. Intercooler sucking it into the engine and burning it with the diesel. To much making it rev like mad. Fingers crossed drain and clean fixes it.

#11 Maintenance » Boo » 2024-01-08 14:09:34

Replies: 1

I just wanted to be first to post  big_smile

#12 Re: Maintenance » Knocking/tapping sound coming from top of engine when revving » 2024-01-08 02:31:56

JohnDragonMan wrote:

it can be anything from an injector not firing right to the timing being slightly off.  a tapping sound can indicate oil starvation to the valve train as these engines use the oil to hydraulically cushion the cam pressing the valve open helping keep things quiet. hows the servicing on the van been? it can be wise on a service to use an oil thinner/flush to help break down anything blocking an oil gallery.

yes a video/audio recording would be good. smile

Was thinking hydraulic tappets myself. Does the DW8 have them? (Never needed to look into it before) I had a Fiat Stilo with them and when a service was wellllllll overdue it sounded like a bag of tapping crap. This was due to the dirty oil and hydraulic tappets. An oil change would cure the problem.
Would a non electronic injector make much noise unless it has a partial block and even then would you hear it as a tapping when in the cab?

#13 General Discussion » Aye » 2023-12-25 04:20:51

Replies: 4

Have a good one folks.  smile

#15 Re: Maintenance » EGR VALVE FIX » 2023-12-22 21:16:16

My convoy (Mk6 Transit engine) and my Maxus (VM Jeep engine) have both had the EGR blanked (Maxus is vacuum) I also binned the air box and added a cone filter. By Christ what a difference. More response on the throttle and less gear changing down on hills. Best thing i could have done to free up the strangled motor. Wonder if it may give the 1.9D a boost also plus that big air box takes up a lot of room.

#16 Re: Maintenance » Dispatch 1.9 cranking but not starting. » 2023-12-17 21:46:57

Fuel return pipes? Are they old and worn looking, damp with diesel? They should go back into the furl filer housing and if its taking in air then it wont run. Fuel filter seal is a dodgy bugger also if aftermarket.

#17 Re: General Discussion » In France at present........... » 2023-12-10 03:42:43

woodbine wrote:

Wish we still had our car industry and were patriotic.

Hoy. I have an LDV Convoy for a camperbus and an LDV Maxus for work. OK the Maxus is pushing it thinking its British but the badge means something no?  big_smile

#18 Re: General Discussion » Cold weather shield » 2023-12-09 01:15:00

You sure the thermostat is opening? Take it out and see if that helps

#19 Re: Maintenance » Diesel Injector » 2023-11-21 09:14:41

kenbw2 wrote:
Casper wrote:

Look at Ken all promoted up to Admin lol Is Tiree still around? Never see him posting now.

I know right! Tiree emailed me about it saying he doesn't have much time to manage the forum these days and put me as Admin

He was telling me his plans but he's gone quiet on me!

Yeah there was to be an update of this forum software. Think he said he was waiting to hear how stable it was but it sounded good with the ability to send PM's also. That all went quiet also what must have been two years ago.

#20 Re: Maintenance » Diesel Injector » 2023-11-21 00:59:15

kenbw2 wrote:

Yea Lucas and Bosch have different injectors with different cracking pressures. That said, when I switched my Lucas pump to a Bosch one, I left the Lucas ones in and it ran fine. Probably not good to mix and match though

Look at Ken all promoted up to Admin lol Is Tiree still around? Never see him posting now.

#21 Re: Camper Conversions » Tank connection for diesel heater » 2023-11-04 09:56:25

Does the return line not need the pump pumping to left the fuel flow? If so then would adding a T piece in the return not soon run out of fuel where adding it to the feed then the small pump has a chance of sooking fuel up.

#22 Re: Maintenance » Air Bag warning light intermittent » 2023-10-13 00:21:43

OAT wrote:

Doesn't your rubber mat have a flap in it to give access?

Mine had a plastic cover. I had to bin it to put a single swivel base in.


#23 Re: Maintenance » Air Bag warning light intermittent » 2023-10-11 22:23:04

Different van but my intermittent air bag light was the plug going into the ECU. Copper pins were growing green crud. Tin a spray brake and clutch cleaner and the wifes toothbrush fixed that issue. I also had it with a Pug 306. That turned out to be the air bag clock under the steering wheel was falling apart. Never noticed until it was to late and copper wire was springing out  big_smile Scrap yard cured that issue for little money

#24 Re: Maintenance » Help! Broke my sliding window » 2023-10-11 22:10:37

Personally i would not want that much glass. Two back doors and sliding doors are enough. I would get a sheet of steel and cover it up then probably do the other side also. BTW tee_cee. Great wee site for all kinds of seals … ubbers-472

#25 Re: Maintenance » EGR VALVE FIX » 2023-09-20 22:24:41

I would have thought EGR related shit would be black smoke. And chance you have a head gasket issue. Water levels OK. No oil in water or water in oil? Another option is diesel not getting burned. Stick your hand over the tail pipe and sniff it? Raw diesel and wet hand????? May be a stuck open injector. Worn diesel pump is a possibility also. Is your MPG low?

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