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#1 Re: Camper Conversions » Anyone out in the weather? » Yesterday 18:32:04


Bet you didn't have the awnings set up Grif.  smile

Been a strange couple of weeks.  Mostly stuck in the van with little visibility but even then I enjoy it.

#2 Re: General Discussion » Lost Radio Code For A CLARION PU-2294A » 2020-02-22 16:38:21


Have searched for these before...

CLARION are a bit of a problem to decode as the only one that can be decoded for free by Serial Number is if yours also has a BARCODE SERIAL NUMBER beginning with C7000000 + + + + . somewhere on the radio casing (Usually found on a label with two barcodes ...the one required is the lower one )

Without that code you will need someone to plug it into a laptop with the software to read it.  A car radio shop or main dealer.

Don't know if these people can do it remotely :-

Anyone who has the C700...  barcode number can use this to generate the code:- …

#3 Re: General Discussion » Fuel Leak » 2020-02-19 17:28:37


These people probably do the seals kit.  Perhaps a call as a prospective customer might help. … pair-kits/

#4 Re: Camper Conversions » Anyone out in the weather? » 2020-02-17 17:45:29

Tiree wrote:

Time for a new bed I think!

My current bed is proper hospital standard, orthopaedic, etc.  It's the pillow support of my neck and head that I can't get right and set's the pain off. 

My van bed is to all intents and purposes, awful.  Being made up from front and rear seats it is quite a pronounced "S" curve.  But sleeping sideways on this seems to support everywhere I need it.

Either that or I have spent so much time in it that I have modified my spine to suit.

#5 Re: Camper Conversions » My van is to small » 2020-02-17 17:33:17

Casper wrote:

Im just chuffed to get a van i can stand up in big_smile

Me too wink

Looks in good nick!

#6 Re: General Discussion » Virgin post-oil rev-solution » 2020-02-17 17:06:22

badrobot wrote:

As far as I am aware you're allowed to run a 2500ltrs SVO before tax?

I believe there is apparently such a limit but can't see how they could ever police it.


On trying to look this up I find as much miss-information as fact.  Par for the course on the net!

This seems to be the root of the issue though :-

2.3 Fuel that can be legally used in petrol or diesel engine road vehicles
Apart from the circumstances described in this paragraph you must always use duty paid fuel. This would normally be petrol or diesel sold as road fuel from a fuel retailers.

Certain biodiesel and fuel substitute producers and users, who meet the definition of ‘exempt producers’, can use limited amounts of fuel upon which duty has not been paid. For more details see section 4 of Notice 179E Biofuels and other fuel substitutes.

Biofuels and fuel substitutes are alternative fuels, they include:

refuse-derived fuel
non-fossil methane
vegetable oil
other biomass sources … -notice-75

After a speed read I see there are many exceptions and reductions in duty for various circumstances but can't see anything on exemption for a specified quantity.

Anyone got a reliable reference to info on limited use of veg oil?

#7 Re: General Discussion » Virgin post-oil rev-solution » 2020-02-17 16:57:27


Hello and welcome Rob.
We don't have as many later van owners here so direct experience of veg oil is mostly in earlier models.  You could be the pioneer although it may be that due to modern sensors and monitoring it might well require extra consideration.

Quite a few of us use veg oil to varying degrees in older vans though and if Bosch pumps are fitted they don't seem to be any particular problems.  (long term may or may not be a different matter)

My own van is a 98 TD and I tend to run a mix varying from 50 - 80% added to the tank whenever I find it at a good price.  (70p/l at Tesco just now.)  I suspect it would run fine at 100% but I am cautious re cold starts.  kenb has a simple, manually operated secondary tank to provide neat derv for starting on his.

#8 Re: General Discussion » Diesel Additives » 2020-02-14 21:23:22


Sunflower Oil £3.50  for 5L at Tesco.  smile

#9 Re: General Discussion » Dispatch Mk2 (07+) Blower Problem » 2020-02-10 15:51:15


I think the diagnosis for resistor fault is "working at some speeds but not others."

From here  :- … -resistor/

More on the controls here :- … .php?id=62

Lots more on heaters here :- … 1090284686

#10 Re: General Discussion » Dispatch Mk2 (07+) Blower Problem » 2020-02-09 20:57:42


You will find quite a few threads on the blower  There seem to be quite a variety of common faults.

The slider controls are pretty cheap and nasty and can give trouble with the thin copper contacts.  There is a good thread somewhere about getting to them and cleaning.

Did you actualy know the resistor had gone or just replace it anyway.  Is the replacement the exact same serial nomber, etc as I believe different ones were used and they are not interchangeable.

EDIT... just noticed it's a mk2,  this might not apply.

#11 Re: Camper Conversions » Anyone out in the weather? » 2020-02-09 14:51:49


Suffering a frozen shoulder myself Tiree.  Strange thing is I can make myself more comfy in the van than at home.  Mind you...the opiates help.  wink  (Legal and not of course while driving)

Moved from my spot by the River Aire as the water started to surround me.  Quite a few waterlogged cars abandoned on the flooded road out but the van never hesitated.

Can't see you getting much done outside next week Ken.

#12 Re: Camper Conversions » Anyone out in the weather? » 2020-02-09 01:58:08


Getting up a bit.  Not a storm chaser or anything but I do enjoy them. 

I hear that after the weekend rain and wind there will be MEGA THUNDER SNOW!!!  (not my caps).  I will head uphill and snuggle in.  smile

#13 Re: Maintenance » broken / lop sided drivers seat » 2020-02-09 01:48:12


Do you mean the support of the cushioning,  the seat frame, or the mounting?

#14 Camper Conversions » Anyone out in the weather? » 2020-02-08 23:11:03

Replies: 13

You can never tell with these alerts and warnings just how bad it might be.  Last time I dismissed one I was snowed in.

Nowt drastic here in N Yorks yet though.

#15 Re: General Discussion » Knocking Under Acceleration » 2020-02-04 17:59:37


I once lost a wheel from a Renault 5 at about 45mph.  As Vaz said they do go.  The car stopped quite quickly as the disk ploughed into the road but there was no sign of the wheel.  It had gone about 25yds down the pavement and punched through some brand new woven lap fencing.

The car only needed a steering rack but repairing the fence was the most expensive.

Thanks for the tip about painting vaz, I am just considering doing mine.

#17 Re: Camper Conversions » Bed width question. » 2020-02-02 17:40:45


Never built one in an expert myself but I tend to agree, an acceptable double bed size doesn't leave enough cupboard space.  Whichever way you go, it will be a constant irritation.

What type of bed are you planning?

#18 Re: General Discussion » A few challlenges to getting back to the van! » 2020-02-02 17:29:39


No too bad realy Ken.  It seems mechanics always complain about how difficult almost every job is these days.  And I doubt you would have got it done for any less.

Just get yourself some lighter boots and it should do you well for a while now.  wink

Let me know if you are around my way and I will come and visit.

#19 Re: General Discussion » Knocking Under Acceleration » 2020-01-31 15:00:17

Tiree wrote:

Not sure how much my kidneys would be worth but glad to hear I should get to keep them big_smile

Unfortunately, I suspect Scottish kidneys may not be in great demand.   wink

#20 Re: Maintenance » Soft brakes » 2020-01-28 21:17:28


Long shot but re the load compensator. 

I had to replace mine recently after mot fail.  After having a new one fitted, I experienced worryingly low power twice.  Each time was on quite uneven and sloping ground while manouvering for level.

While rolling back on the brakes in neutral, they would go soft and a noise could be heard from the middle rear.   I messed about the second time by rolling back and forth on especialy lumpy ground.  I could make it do it a couple more times then it never did it again and hasn't since.

I think those compensators move or perhaps sometimes don't move "in mysterious ways."

#21 Re: General Discussion » Newbie » 2020-01-26 17:01:01


I am not too up on current values but the service history and the fact that it has been used for 6 months by your mate suggests that it could be a good buy.  You might get one cheaper, but it would be more of a gamble as to history and condition.

If it hasn't been recently done, a timing belt and water pump change should be factored in.

Apart from minor niggles, like the binnicle,  locks, heater, random fault codes, etc, there don't seem to be any major common issues with these vans.  With a good service history and reletively light use, it should last you years.

#22 Re: General Discussion » 09 Dispatch » 2020-01-25 00:09:57


Could be anything.  What trade was it used for?  Racking, etc, tends to be mounted lengthwise.

Would be handy start if you wanted to fit a bed though.

#23 Re: Camper Conversions » Front seats » 2020-01-23 20:00:48


Don't know that make but I had a previous van that a previous owner had fitted a hard plastic disk between the plates.  I don't know the material but it was like some cutting boards.  Cut into a spoked wheel shape to spread the load and keep the friction down.  It worked well.

Another perhaps easier way might be hard nylon bolts strategically screwed through the plate.   It's not as though it's spinning like a windmill after all.

#24 Re: General Discussion » A few challlenges to getting back to the van! » 2020-01-21 15:14:51


Good to hear you are back with us, sorry to hear about your van.  Is it going to DD's?
Let me know if you need a lift or need anything picking up.
Well done stopping the runaway!

#25 Re: Maintenance » Serious cold starting issues » 2020-01-18 22:57:53


Is the primer a stronger pump than the mechanical one does anyone know? 
Wondering why the pump won't deliver but hand priming will.

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