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#1 Re: General Discussion » dangling wire » Yesterday 20:43:15


Mine 1.995 TD wouldn't help then sorry.

Someone here should have an idea though but it's been a bit quiet lately.

#2 Camper Conversions » Nearly Lost My Roof! » 2018-09-20 21:18:21

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I happened to choose the height of the storm yesterday to go shopping.  The cross wind on the new bridge at Kelso had me not only steering into the wind, but as an ex biker, leaning into it too.

Half way across I thought my brain was about to be sucked out of my ears before it was pushed back by a deep boom.  The force of the cross wind suddenly increased massively and I felt like hanging out sidecar style to hold it straight.  I realised right away that the pop top had lifted.  I started to brake but the wind felt worse so  I thought it best to get to the shelter of some trees on the south bank before stopping.

I had visions of my roof floating off up the Tweed to Expert Camper man in Berwick but it fortunately it hung on with no damage.  Would have been an expensive disaster if it had gone.

It should be held down inside by a webbing strap and buckle but the buckle broke only last week and hasn't yet been replaced.

A lucky escape I think.

#3 Re: General Discussion » dangling wire » 2018-09-20 20:54:24


What engine?

I'll have a look at mine tomorrow if no one has replied.

Is the dangly wire cut out of that sleeving?

#4 Re: Maintenance » Clock Spinning » 2018-09-20 20:50:42


Sounds a better use of the space than standard to me.

Must admit, the space in front of all my clocks is like a glove box without a door.  It's just so handy.

#5 Re: Camper Conversions » Safe heating » 2018-08-28 09:26:05

vaz2121 wrote:

Many Moons ago you could get a flameless portable heater......not seen any for a while

I've been looking for one for a couple of years.  No one seemed to stock them anymore but they have turned up again.  Even more overpriced than before!

Minicat Mini Catalytic LPG Gas Heater 830 Watts
Minicat catalytic heater that work off either butane or propane gas. Complete with safety thermocouple. It is possible to wall-mount both heaters. CE approved and complete with FFD (Flame Failure Device). Please ensure that these heaters are not used in closed spaces without adequate ventilation. Always maintain permanent ventilation when heater is being used. Minicat: 830 Watts. Consumption: 60 g/h. Dimensions: 220mm (W) x 300mm (H) x 80mm (D). … 9408-p.asp

Also here:-

ebay Germany

A few Chinese wholesalers offering this type but no pricing for one offs.- … eater.html

As you suggest, adequate ventilation required.

#6 Re: Maintenance » Rear light unit » 2018-08-12 17:05:59


One of my rear lights was leaking when I got mine.  On checking it out I found it held in with 6' of guy rope, a 4" x 3/4" spring and a 4" bit of dowel as a toggle.

Looks like they had pulled one of the studs out while changing a bulb while out on a trip.  Neat bodge though.

#7 Re: Maintenance » Rear light unit » 2018-08-11 21:38:31


As Ricko says, a 3 - 4 " long black plastic extension with a nut embedded in one end and a bath tap style turny cross handle you can reach through the holes in the shell.

Careful not to rip the studs out of the bulb holder.   Easy to do, tricky to fix.  A good spray and soak if it resists too much.

#8 Re: Maintenance » Heater blower not working! » 2018-08-07 20:04:18


Does sound like the sliders then.

The resistor on my blower went the day I bought the van.  Still not got around to fixing it as access is so tricky.

18 months now in all weathers.  I have almost forgotten what it's like to have one.

#9 Re: Maintenance » Heater blower not working! » 2018-08-07 10:56:15


Have a look at this thread:- … php?id=386

There are various resistors fitted.  You need the numbers of the one already in there to order.  Cheapest ones from Poland via ebay last I looked.

It could be the sliders themselves though.

#10 Re: Maintenance » Parking Assistance System Faulty - Dispatch 2014 » 2018-08-06 11:27:01


Hello Mike.

Don't think there's many here with such new models and I have never driven one with park assist.

But being intermittent might suggest a bad connection or trapped wire or water getting into a sensor or the control unit.

#11 Re: Camper Conversions » Has anyone tried the ply lining kits? » 2018-07-30 11:07:37


Even if you could cut them yourself, it seems worth paying that for them.

If you are using insulating "wool" behind the panels you might want to stick some vibration damping pads to the metal first.  That sticky tarry black sealing strip does the job.  Don't need to cover the panels, just a decent sized patch in the middle.  If you are sticking sleep mat insulation to the metal it doesn't need it.

Also think about applying batons behind in the places you might want to attach stuff later on.  You wouldn't want to screw a fridge to only those panels but small shelves, hooks and such are ok.

And run your wires and perhaps some spares before you fix it too.

#12 Re: General Discussion » Fitting an exhaust - dispatch 2.0 HDI » 2018-07-30 10:29:08


btw, while looking at the link you posted this came up on their chat box :-

"Customer Service -Hi, Please use discount code GSF60 at the checkout for 60% off. *exclusions apply, offer ends soon!"

#13 Re: General Discussion » Fitting an exhaust - dispatch 2.0 HDI » 2018-07-30 10:26:12


The garage found the same on my exhaust box when checking before mot. 

As the rest of the system was good they patched it and welded the bracket back on.

#14 Re: Maintenance » 2005 Scudo SX JTD Cental Locking » 2018-07-24 02:10:50


tee_cee has posted a manual for that year and I see has now added some electrical diagrams. … .php?id=10

#15 Re: Maintenance » Rear brake self adjusters » 2018-07-24 02:04:27


Sorry tc I can't help with the self adjusters.  Got to the point where I now have to pay someone to do mine for me.

Mine is a bit of a problem with the swivel seat but it only catches on the swivel release lever.  It can be "persuaded" to let it pass and has now cut a groove in the plastic cover of the brake lever, which helps.

kenbw2 wrote:

Obviously not a great solution, but do you know some Dispatch/Expert/Scudos/Synergies/806s/Ulysees have a handbrake that you can fold down without disengaging?

The button on the end pulls out letting you drop it down.


My handbrake had behaved normally for 18 months when it suddenly started dropping down like you describe.  But it did it without needing to touch the button.

Turned out to be an indication of total failure though as a week later it stopped engaging at all.

Must try pulling the button on the replacement one I fitted.  Would be handy if it dropped flat.

#16 Re: General Discussion » New member » 2018-07-15 15:00:16


Looks a very useful van.

Just did a long post asking about your bed supports and lost it! 

I suppose you use those central cubby boxes to fill the gap between the seats?

#17 Re: Maintenance » Just noticed this on my sliding door latch » 2018-07-13 17:02:53


Which scrappy ken?  And is there much left of the van?

I will be down that way next week and need a couple of little bits.

#18 Re: General Discussion » New member » 2018-07-13 16:57:55


Hello and welcome Igor.

To paraphrase Mae West... "Is that a roof vent or are you just glad to meet us?"


#19 Re: Maintenance » Just noticed this on my sliding door latch » 2018-07-09 01:13:25


That's quite some force though.

Looks old with the rust.   With two holes weakened already the third would be taking almost all the strain that split the others and wouldn't be likely to last long.

Might it have been levered at some time perhaps?

I am no structural engineer but surely it would take tons of pressure to do that.  Wouldn't half mess up your fuel consumption.  smile

#20 Re: General Discussion » Insurance » 2018-06-25 00:08:55


Similar here Casper.

Won't be long before it's undercut by a bus pas though.

#21 Re: Camper Conversions » North Coast 500? » 2018-05-20 13:59:11


I have done the whole coast as a tour and also different sections quite a few times.  Not since they started calling it the NW500 though.

Covered quite a few sections of it last year on a tour of the north and was disappointed with the changes.  It's a personal thing and I am sure many would think them improvements.  Can't blame the locals for seeking to make the most of what could be a very valuable asset either, but I fear they might loose what was the original attraction.  There are already signs of local businesses being taken over by more corporate interests as the potential for profit increases with the success of the marketing.

There is talk of convoy systems being considered in some places.  The Applecross road has gone from one of the best drives in the country to a procession with a view. 

Do it soon as I think in a few years it will be no more a wilderness experience than a visit to JoG.

On a more positive note, the concentration being encouraged in one area, leaves others even quieter.  smile

#22 Re: General Discussion » Insurance after changing docs to a camper van » 2018-05-20 13:37:57


I think being cheaper or dearer depending on registration as a camper or commercials is difficult to know for sure.  There are so many other variables affecting individual quotes.  I doubt there is a lot in it for most people although different individuals seem to find either an advantage in some cases.

Best would be to get quotes for both for yourself.

If it does fit DVLA definitions though, they say it's a "legal requirement" to have it changed to motorhome.

Guidance  Converting a vehicle into a motorhome

Iv'e never heard any of the many driving undeclared "motorhomes" having any problems over it though.  To be sure, I suppose you would only need to fail any one of the requirements and it wouldn't then be a motorhome in the eyes of the DVLA.

#23 Re: Maintenance » Front Tyre Recomendations? » 2018-05-10 12:10:21

tee_cee wrote:

Thinking about it again it's the 3PSF symbol which is now required in Germany - M+S isn't enough anymore.
Oct to Easter is the accepted norm, but the law does not impose any date range.

Not trying to be pedantic tc but in case anyone reading might be going to Germany the RAC (and many others) say :-

Winter tyres – COMPULSORY

Germany introduced regulations in 2010 requiring all passenger cars and motorbikes to be fitted with winter tyres or all season tyres on all axles in wintry conditions.

Snow chains – REQUIRED (should be carried and used as dictated by local signs or road conditions. Reduced speed limits may apply). … ad/winter/

I agree about the minefield of seeking relieable info on tyres (or just about anything at all) these days though.  We are certainly in a world of false news and not just in politics!

Information overload and no reliable way of distinguishing truth from hype!

Nothing to do with vans or tyres but worth a watch:- … malisation

#24 Re: Maintenance » Front Tyre Recomendations? » 2018-05-09 10:40:02


The more I look the more confusing it gets!

Summer, winter, all season, M&S, 3PSF. and now the Crossclimates which claims to be a summer tyre that matches all season tyres in winter conditions!!!  Then of course there are "Camper" tyres.

What I am looking for is an all season which offers a bit of improved grip on wet grass without sacrificing too much in milage, consumption and noise.

Looks like M&S would be the way to go but wondering if M&S with 3PSF would be worthwhile.

btw tee_cee the regs in Germany now mean it's not just in "wintery conditions" that winter tyres are required,  but they are now compulsory from October to Easter.

#25 Maintenance » Front Tyre Recomendations? » 2018-05-04 00:13:38

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I happened to park with a bit of lock on and noticed a tyre looking far too shiny.  Embarrasing to admit but I hardly ever check them unless I notice something wrong!

Anyway it's a long while since I bought tyres for a van and never for a front wheel drive with half decent performance.

So bearing in mind that it's an all season camper and any improved grass and dirt grip without too much sacrifice of tarmac performance is the ideal, any recomendations?

Money is always tight but I would spend a bit more for anything that bit better.  Been too close to getting stuck in quite remote off road spots lately.

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