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#1 Re: General Discussion » SCUDO OVERHEAT RADIATOR FAN NOT WORKING » 2019-11-30 16:08:44

Shakes wrote:

Brenda's temp guage reads 90° before the thermostat opens, then drops down to 75-80°, on a heavy incline. Seems normal. Never heard the fan kick in. Had it tested too.

My 2.0HDI is the same, even when towing a well laden trailer in warm weather (remember that?  wink ) the fan has never run.  My Partner with the same engine very rarely cut in, it had to be pulling hard in hot weather.


#2 Re: Maintenance » Check/Top Up Gearbox Oil » 2019-11-26 20:57:04

My Pug Partner is like that, just a shame my Dispatch doesn't have the same.   


#3 Re: Maintenance » Check/Top Up Gearbox Oil » 2019-11-25 21:08:47

Not sure about the Fiat Scudo but on the Dispatch 2.0 HDI you can't check the level as there is no level plug.  All you can do is drain it and then refill with the correct amount through the reversing light switch location.


#4 Re: General Discussion » Engine cutting out while driving ! » 2019-10-04 20:42:15

My 2.0 HDI Dispatch used to cut out suddenly at any speed, it did it once in the middle lane of the M60, but would always start again straight away.  That was the electric stop on the pump causing it, an easy replacement, and it has been fine since.


#5 Re: Maintenance » Gear box fail? » 2019-10-04 20:36:53

In one of the manuals for Dispatch/Expert etc that I read it mentions that whenever the cables are disconnected for a clutch change etc they will need resetting using a 'special jig' to lock the gearlever in place!  Surely if they are refitted the same as they were removed they shouldn't alter much, I can't imaging many workshops knowing about this or even having the jig?  New cables maybe, but not with the existing ones?


#6 Re: Maintenance » Bang :( » 2019-08-09 20:31:30

If it had dodgy valves that weren't seating then it would be missfiring badly.  Easiest way to test compressions is to rotate the crankshaft with a socket etc and note where it comes onto compression with each cylinder, (put two Tippex marks on the pulley and the timing cover) and if one is 'iffy' then you will soon notice as it will turn freely in that spot.


#7 Re: Maintenance » Water coming out of sill » 2019-08-09 20:23:43

Mine is exactly the same!  I thought it was because water was getting in where the top sliding door guide was missing but after replacing that it still leaks water. I have the bubbling paint as well but haven't bothered doing anything just yet, the MOT tester never mentions it!  smile  I'm guessing those of you with camper conversions will get more condensation inside that could find its way into the sills, my old VW camper suffered with that problem?


#8 Re: General Discussion » Clutch change » 2019-07-19 08:31:09 … t-expert/#  Seems the subframe doesn't need removing which is good news as the bolts are probably siezed!


#9 Re: Maintenance » Rust hole in front subframe » 2019-07-08 21:25:36

Mine went in a similar place and I welded a patch over it. Coated it with Waxoyl afterwards and it has passed two MOT's since with no problem.  I had intended fitting a replacement frame, (finding a good one could be a challenge though)  however despite using a lot of release fluid and patience no way were the bolts coming out without shearing the captive nuts so out came the mig!  If ever I had a van from new I would take the bolts out and coat them with copper grease, saves hours of struggling later, however that doesn't happen in the real world! roll


#10 Re: Maintenance » No anti roll bar MOT fail! » 2019-07-04 11:56:38

My 2006 HDI has an anti roll bar, perhaps it is just the non tubo versions that don't?


#11 Re: General Discussion » Spare wheel carrier » 2019-06-06 23:42:50

My 2006 model has the 2nd type.  That first pic looks more like the cradle for the fuel tank?

#12 Re: Maintenance » 56 reg dispatch front swivels » 2019-06-01 20:47:01

I also have a 2006 (registered early 2007) ex Scottish Water 2.0 HDI Dispatch and didn't realise there were differences?  I do know there is plenty of surface corrosion under it though!

#13 Re: Maintenance » Woe is me... » 2019-05-24 20:15:52

kenbw2 wrote:

MOT and Insurance are my two least favourite times of year. But it comes with the package.

ruston wrote:

Mine failed this week on a broken front spring as well!  Thirty quid and a few hours work sorted it, all ready for a weekend away in Lancashire tomorrow now.

Where you heading? I'm going over to Preston tomorrow evening.

Staying at Clayton Le Woods and exhibiting machinery at Chipping Steam Fair this weekend.

#14 Re: Maintenance » Woe is me... » 2019-05-23 18:02:00

Mine failed this week on a broken front spring as well!  Thirty quid and a few hours work sorted it, all ready for a weekend away in Lancashire tomorrow now.

#15 Re: Maintenance » Rear Load Proportioning Valve stuck... or is it??? » 2019-05-11 19:54:00

The valve doesn't have much movement anyway, especially in a lightly loaded vehicle,  which is why they seize up in the first place.  As long as there is some movement when the pedal is pressed then all should be fine.

#16 Re: Maintenance » FUEL GAUGE NOT ACCURATE & FUEL WARNING LIGHT NOT COMING ON » 2019-04-10 20:51:07

Every disability converted vehicle I have come across, car or van and any make, have nearly always had the fuel tank reduced but the same sender is used.  Two neighbours had converted Vauxhalls and both ran out of fuel while the guage read half full, seems to be normal and something you just have to get used to?

#17 Re: General Discussion » Electric windows + an unused plastic stub on the engine!! » 2017-02-09 13:39:52

Casper wrote:

You had the clocks out and made sure the charge light works or even a clean connection? its starting to sound like someone has been dicking about with the loom as i have never been in a motor where you need the engine running to operate the electric windows. Some you need the ignition on yes but never running.

My neighbour has owned a Pug 307 from new and the engine needs to be running to operate the windows on that Casper.  It caught me out when I was replacing the cambelt and water pump on it and had the drivers window down, I hurridly had to get the engine running with no water just to close the window at night and that is the first time I had come across this!  The dash has been out and the light works OK when I put power to it, I spoke to an auto electrician and he said that it isn't a common problem but suspects a cable has broken somewhere so more delving needs to be done when I get time.  A good job that I don't need to use the van until March! roll


#18 Re: General Discussion » Electric windows + an unused plastic stub on the engine!! » 2017-02-08 15:35:09

Another update, today I fitted an exchange alternator and still the ignition light doesn't illuminate!  An auto electrician would seem to be the next step.  On the plus side I found that all the bearings in the various tensioner pulleys etc were rattly so I replaced them and the engine is much quieter so at least something positive has been acheived.


#19 Re: General Discussion » Electric windows + an unused plastic stub on the engine!! » 2017-02-06 17:20:57

Took a pic today of the 'mysterious' black plastic stub that is puzzling me, somebody must have a Dispatch/Scudo/Expert 2.0 hdi and can tell me what should be fitted to it?  I can't see ANYTHING that is disconnected!



#20 Re: General Discussion » Electric windows + an unused plastic stub on the engine!! » 2017-02-01 17:34:11

Right, an update! smile  Today I checked the voltage both when on idle and at around mid speed and it is only charging at 14.43 volts so I guess that, even though the light is not functioning correctly, it is charging OK?  My mate, who I bought the van off, delivered it to me in Derbyshire from Carlisle and then told me that the warning light came on faintly a few days before so he got a mechanic to check it over and he confirmed that it was working normally apart from the light problem.  I may leave it for a while and see what develops, it starts OK even after a few days standing so I'm not too concerned as it isn't overcharging the battery.

The windows I will  sort out, just having them working when the key is in the 'accessory position' like my Partner will be fine, the misses can open the window then without me having the engine running!

That just leaves this mysterious black stub/pipe, I can feel slight suction when I place my finger over the end so it obviously feeds into the inlet side of the head but what should connect to it I know not! The cars don't have it!  Maybe a Dispatch turbo owner can advise me, I have seen a pic on ebay of an angled connector fastened to it but where or what it feeds I haven't a clue?

Thank's for the advice anyway, I also have an oil leak from the valve cover gasket and that looks like a fun task to tackle as access isn't a strong point with these vans! lol


#21 Re: General Discussion » Electric windows + an unused plastic stub on the engine!! » 2017-02-01 00:10:02

Casper wrote:

Are you revving the engine when you get that 14.75v ? If so i would not worry. when it gets to 15v on tick over i may start to look into it more. As for the rest, not got a clue but welcome anyway  tongue

Nah, i had the 1.9 non turbo and wind by hand windows. Good old reliable technology  lol

Thank's Casper, I wish that I had wind up windows as well! sad   Regarding the charging side of things that reading is on tickover, I might try revving it tomorrow (if it ever stops raining) and take another reading. Odd that the red light doesn't come on until the engine starts, it should be the other way round of course!   Hopefully someone will be along to advise me on the stub and window operation, though a lad down the road has a similar van so I might have a word with him.

#22 General Discussion » Electric windows + an unused plastic stub on the engine!! » 2017-01-31 22:41:45

Replies: 11

Hi lads (and lassies) first post on this interesting forum. A couple of questions,  recently I purchased a 2006 Dispatch with the 2.0 litre HDI engine, I have a Partner with the same unit so am familiar with its good and bad points!   However this van has a problem with the alternator, the charging light only comes on when the engine starts but it is putting 14.75 volts through the battery so I'm guessing a diode issue and am going to fit a fresh alternator in the next few days which hopefully will sort that out.  What I'm not sure about are the electric windows, they only work when the alternator is charging.  I would assume that they SHOULD operate with the key in the first position like my Partner, is that the case and if so then I will have to find where to take the feed from as I really need them to work without running the engine.  Advice welcomed.

Second issue, on the rear (flywheel end) of the engine is a vertical black plastic stub about three inches long between the thermostat housing and the part of the head where the vacuum pump is situated, there are no pipes etc near it and my Partners engine doesn't have it.  Looking at pics of engines on the web it seems peculiar to the vans, can somebody please tell me what should be fastened onto it as it is worrying me slightly!  My friend had the van for a few years and he hadn't even noticed it there, but he isn't mechanically minded alas.  Once again, thank's for reading this long winded post and all advice welcomed! wink

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