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#1 Re: General Discussion » 2007 2.0L Cutting out while driving (Fuel Tank Sender Unit/EGR Valve) » 2024-03-01 01:11:44

I tried looking that up - I know for sure that the Mk1 2.0HDi have a pump in the tank

But I couldn't find evidence of one in the Mk2 which I'm sceptical of … BwbGllcj09

It's a shame ServiceBox isn't free anymore. You used to be able to put your VIN in and it'll tell you exactly what parts you have

#3 Re: Maintenance » Adjust Mk2 gear linkage » 2024-02-28 02:38:51

For mine this was the clutch cable, once that was replaced it was hunky dory.

Hydraulic clutch in those though, right?

#4 Re: Repair Manuals, Publications and other Downloads » 2007 - 2016 Tech Specs » 2024-02-27 23:17:48

BogEyes wrote:

Handy, thanks! Not knowing the height of your vehicle can be a pita when trying to enter multi-story car parks  lol

I remember having to park in a 1.8 metre car park in Manchester knowing that the van is 1.9 metres high. I got out with a tape measure and measured every single pillar and was terrified under every support beam


Fortunately I've since discovered that I'm exactly as tall as the van so if I fit under, then so will the van

#5 Re: General Discussion » 2007 2.0L Cutting out while driving (Fuel Tank Sender Unit/EGR Valve) » 2024-02-27 01:08:05

Could be a number of things, but maybe it's not getting full fuel pressure hence cutting out at low revs on all occasions. You can verify the in-tank pump without taking it out by listening for it running when you turn the key to I think the second position before you try to crank the engine.

Agreed the lack of turning over could be unrelated. Unless it's electrical gremlins in both cases?

In any case, I wouldn't put too much stock in roadside recovery people. Like my brother says, if they were good mechanics, they'd be mechanics!

#6 Re: Maintenance » Buying a new coolant bleeder valve impossible? » 2024-02-25 17:54:34

I thought cable ties were permanent fixes  tongue

Maybe try a scrap yard?

#7 Re: General Discussion » Relay switch identification required » 2024-02-24 23:39:33

I had a similar struggle when I was diagnosing my alternator/blower motor issue

If you're up for tracing wiring diagrams, tee_cee posted PDF electrical diagrams here

#8 Re: General Discussion » Suggestions For Brighter Reversing Bulbs » 2024-02-20 19:56:52

Pathfinder100 wrote:

i have neither currently and just employ certain strategies when parking.

Would that be the same as OAT's reversing sensors? A big metal one across the entire rear of the van. Makes a noise when it touches something, at which point you back off? tongue

#9 Re: General Discussion » Suggestions For Brighter Reversing Bulbs » 2024-02-20 15:10:22

I'd guess the first ones might be better because they'll point the light backwards. I guess the reflector in there is designed for a circular incandescent light

In any case, I keep thinking of adding a separate floodlight to the back that does a better job of illuminating than the one in the normal light unit can do

#11 Re: General Discussion » "Prep your sled in the summer and cart in winter" AKA thoughts? » 2024-02-17 23:11:50

AlvyLad wrote:

Hard to argue, but it isn't just mot issue, she's bit just bit too small, my junk girth mainly, ends up hard work to get what's needed, when I need to, without getting half of the load off first

True. Like I always say to people, "I know you thinking van" *hold hands wide apart "think more, van" *holds hands close together*

#12 Re: General Discussion » "Prep your sled in the summer and cart in winter" AKA thoughts? » 2024-02-17 22:55:44

Definitely feels a bit frying pan into the fire. I can't see why "my van is failing MOTs, I'll buy a an that's failed an MOT" is a solution

I imagine the old tart will take a fix up as an apology  smile

#13 Re: General Discussion » Selling my van - On hold for a bit » 2024-02-17 15:31:02

Pathfinder100 wrote:

What's the best way to do it.  Attach the cat, then do the middle section?  Or do the front and middle section then attach?  It looks like the back section has to go over the rear axle, so guessing that has to be done separately.

I can't speak for the cat section as mine have never had that. But the rear one can be done separately. Just don't pull it too hard like I did, and split the brake lines   roll

#14 Re: Spare Parts » Single front seats » 2024-02-16 16:40:10

Shout up before you end up taking them to the scrapper. If they don't get a new home I'm up for trying out some creative ideas. They look too good to go to waste!

#15 Re: Spare Parts » Single front seats » 2024-02-15 19:33:54

Well that's far more accurate and helpful measurements than I was expecting! Thanks for the clear annotations smile

I got my tape measure out and thought brilliant! Mine are 385mm apart too!


Until I realised that those bolts are below the swivel base. Unbolt those, I unbolt the swivel

There are bolts above the swivel but sadly they're significantly narrower (ignore the mess under there)


I can't see any corresponding bolt holes on your seats so it might be a challenge to swap them sadly

I'm still tempted to get creative. Maybe the cushions can be removed and swapped?

#16 Re: General Discussion » MK2 Engines, transmission, inter-changeability » 2024-02-15 19:08:39

If the bar was "don't spend more than you bought it for" mine would never have got its first MOT  tongue

The way I see it, the bar is "how much is it to buy a replacement van with zero problems". It's significantly more

#17 Re: General Discussion » MK2 Engines, transmission, inter-changeability » 2024-02-14 23:39:06

Yea if your concern is complexity, it doesn't get any better the newer you go. You just have to hope it's new enough to not have any problems. But good luck with that if you don't want to spend £tens_of_thousands

Maybe these old vans are money pits at their age, but it ain't cheap to upgrade either

#18 Re: Spare Parts » Single front seats » 2024-02-14 22:05:44

AlvyLad wrote:

Effing hell!
not being funny guys, I was first to respond, my dibbs on it FIRST!... but why would you need be living in such ... distance to me?
... Let someone else to have it then sad
mad mad mad

It seems they're in demand! You did reply first, are you still wanting them even with the distance?

#19 Re: Spare Parts » Single front seats » 2024-02-14 19:06:07

Oh they're a gorgeous colour, would go nicely with my van. Like OAT says though, would need to check how they'd fit with the swivel base

Would you be able to measure the distance between the bolts between the actual seat and the base?

#20 Re: Spare Parts » Single front seats » 2024-02-14 01:17:05

How've you managed to get a single passenger seat? I didn't think they came with any

Unless it's out of the car version?

#21 Re: Maintenance » Clock continually adjusts on '56 Dispatch » 2024-02-12 23:23:21

Yea mine would do that when it was cold and condensationy inside. It doesn't do it anymore though

Because it's broke  big_smile

#22 Re: General Discussion » MK2 Engines, transmission, inter-changeability » 2024-02-11 23:27:39

Isn't the 2.0 from a 406 the same as a 2.0 from a Mk2 Dispatch? Both HDIs etc

Unless you mean the 1.9?

#23 Re: General Discussion » MK2 Dispatch glove box removal » 2024-02-11 23:25:41

AlvyLad wrote:

They all identical MK1, Mk2

In mechanism or in shape? Does that imply I could swap a Mk2 box into my Mk1?

This is assuming when we say Mk2 we mean the post-2007 model

#24 Re: Camper Conversions » Camper rewiring » 2024-02-11 00:34:57

That's the most networking I've seen in a van haha. So you have a wifi repeater to extend the range of...- assumedly your house wifi? So that you can access...? Nah I'm lost

What do you have that all set up for?

#25 Re: Camper Conversions » Camper rewiring » 2024-02-10 22:54:56

Oh nice! I've always wondered about where to put an electrical panel where it won't occupy space, that's the perfect spot

Even showing off with your 3 pin 240V plugs!

What's that USB circuit board in the middle?

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