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#1 2021-06-08 19:02:41

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Converting a 2006 taxi anyone done it?

Hi all it looks like I might have a good doner for a campervan conversion in the form of an ex taxi that has been very well maintained and has had an engine change 12 months ago with documentation to prove.
I'm thinking ideal because of the windows are already in, the rear seats have been removed. Not sure if there's a rear heater of some sort? I would put a small side kitchen in it and a 3/4 rock and roll bed. I have a CNC business and make campervan kitchens for all kinds of vans (if anyone is interested??). Also an ex mechanic so not much I can't do regarding work.
Just wondering if anyone else has converted a taxi and could give me some tips.

Would I need to change the logbook for taxation class purposes? Its got M1 usage 186g  km co2 emissions does that mean a higher tax bracket of £315 per year? I'm not sure but it'll be sorn when not in use anyway. Thanks all. As always any and all help gratefully recieved

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#2 2021-06-08 20:21:55

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Re: Converting a 2006 taxi anyone done it?

Hi.... My van started out life/new as a 2005 1.9D 815 Enterprise Van and converted very soon after from what I've found......

Had a look at the Reg docky and it's listed as "Vehicle classification as N1 and I didnt see any listed Emissions" ..............
I also had a look at the cars dockies it's " Vehicle classification as M1 with alleged listed Emissions " ............

All first gen Vans with a DW8 or 2.0L HDI are Euro 3 from what I see [1995-2006?] ...............
My Van Was re-classified as "A Motor Caravan" ..........

I've a funny feeling the road tax segment stays the same and Vehicle classification as it always had ..................
In your case it looks like based on emissions................
[The annual road tax for my Van now is IIRC £280 ... So not to big a difference overall] ...........

But I would suggest it's a legal requirement to inform DVLA of a permanent change of use............
As there is lots of well documented internet stories of builders being Denied re-classification for whatever reasons...........
As it's not so easy for a home builds these days to get re~classified as "A Motor Caravan"  I'm not so sure you'll get any More back from the DVLA other than re~classified as a "Van with Windows" .............

But Apparentlly your ment to let them know ... But that'll be up to you

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