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#51 2021-09-09 23:34:48

From: South Yorkshire
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Re: New Expert Build

tee_cee wrote:

For your heater, take a look at these. … dy-heater/
Small enough to fit under the seats, though the tilt sensor inside needs to be removed first.
Many people seem to go with consumer units for the mains, which I think is overkill. I fitted fused rcd spur which is tiny compared.

My mains unit is one of these Maypole Tent Units.  Its not fully fitted yet, but is mounted.  I just need to drop the cable out of the drop out vent, in the back and wire it to the external socket.

kenbw2 wrote:

Oooh what' that you're using for a sink? Looks better than my dog water bowl

DAMAGED Stainless Steel Sink for Campervan Self Build Conversion with Waste pipe

It cost me £21 and has a slight mark in the bottom.  Perfect ones cost a couple quid more.  I can live with a small mark to save a couple of quid.

I ordered one of these taps tonight, to deal with the delivery of water to the bowl.  It's arm powered. smile

Whale Fresh Water V Pump MK6 Manual Hand Boat Caravan Motorhome

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