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#1 2023-04-30 14:41:56

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Rear doors won't open from the inside

I have a 2010 LWB scudo.
The van used to be a dog transport van but has now been converted into a camper.

The key fob unlocks all doors perfectly, however the rear doors do not open from the inside which is a bit of a security risk. (They open from the outside)

I had a garage change out the rear locking mechanism but it didn't fix the fault. They were under the impression that is was to do with the coding of the key, as it may have been changed to stop a dog accidentally opening the rear doors.

Is this possible? And if so who do i need to talk to to get the key recoded?

If not... what could cause this?

Any help would be appreciated!


#2 2023-04-30 19:23:26

From: Borders/Dales
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Re: Rear doors won't open from the inside

Are you sure it's electronics and not mechanical?

On older versions without central locking this often happens due to the operating rods inside the doors being dislodged or bent.  Might be worth checking yours before delving into electrics?

I get regular problems with my near side door not working.  Not too much of a problem as my bed runs along that side and I only open it for ventilation and access under the seats.  I was caught out though when it failed mot.

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#3 2023-05-01 00:31:11

From: Preston
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Re: Rear doors won't open from the inside

OAT wrote:

I was caught out though when it failed mot.

Interesting. i wonder if that's because you have rear seats?

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#4 2023-05-02 10:01:26

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Re: Rear doors won't open from the inside

Thanks for the ideas.

The reason why the garage think its electrical, is because i had them change the lock mechanism and the replacement had the same issue.
I can take a look at the operating rods but i'm not 100% what i'm looking for...

The van has a sliding Ply bed conversion, so this wont effect the doors.


#5 2023-09-23 13:56:27

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Re: Rear doors won't open from the inside

Interesting to have found this thread as I've got the exact same problem happening with mine. Had a garage replace the part and it still didn't fix it so I'm a bit stuck for ideas now. Have you managed to get to the bottom of your issue @Kayekit?

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