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#1 2023-09-29 14:10:35

From: Suffolk
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Gearbox 5th gear flange leak

Just been hunting around on here to see if anyone has mentioned how best to fix gearbox oil leaking from the 5th gear casing joint, but to no avail surprisingly.

When I bought Eileen it was with the knowledge that there was a 5th gear issue - it kept jumping out of 5th so I was driving around for ages holding the gear knob to keep it in place. I checked the gearbox oil level and it was virtually empty - probably explained the 5th gear issue! roll Topping up the oil had no impact on the issue so eventually I sourced a very good condition refurbed box and fitted that.

Since then I've been very conscious about keeping the gearbox oil topped up and when I noticed oil leaking out of the joint between the main gearbox casing and the 5th gear cover plate, I dropped the oil, removed the cover plate, cleaned up, degreased and sealed the joint with blue hylomar. Thing is it's now weeping again so blue hylomar looks like it wasn't the best thing for the job. Service Box seems to indicate that early boxes used a gasket on this joint (arrowed in the pic) but only until RPO 08183. I'm assuming with the later vehicles, flange sealant was used instead?

Any advice as how to best seal this joint would be appreciated.


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