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#26 2023-08-17 14:52:38

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Re: Re mk1 Dispatch gear knob.

Just to top the job off, there is a firm on ebay that make new gators out of leather, I got one for mine a couple of years ago and its the only part of my van that still looks new.

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#27 2023-10-09 00:43:53

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Re: Re mk1 Dispatch gear knob.

Some of the knobs on here look like they've seen a lot of action. hmm  The one on my HDi (with pull up reverse collar) was loose when I bought the van in 2007. I lived with it like that for years, the hole in it gradually getting bigger as the metal shaft wore the plastic away inside the hole. Occasionally it would fall off when driving along leaving me to shift with the bare shaft. Eventually I filled the hole with Araldite, drilled out the glue when set with a bit same diameter as the metal shaft, then Araldited it on. And there it's stayed for about 4 years.

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