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#1 2023-10-15 12:41:34

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Citroen Dispatch power steering fluid reservoir

Have a 54 reg dispatch.  The power steering fluid reservoir doesn’t have a readable level indicator as reservoir is opaque. No measure on fluid cap.  Inside there is a black insert which looks almost empty.  I filled up a couple of weeks back as steering felt notchy when doing full-lock first gear manoeuvres but the black insert is only showing about two millimetres of fluid.  Very confusing! Help!


#2 2023-10-15 18:51:33

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Re: Citroen Dispatch power steering fluid reservoir

Fill up again.
Check where it leaks, most commonly on the seal where the actual pump is.
Unlike engine oil, PS doesn't have critical over filling fatal point and at £5a litre easy/cheap enough to test


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