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#26 2023-10-30 20:18:32

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Re: Clunking From NS Front Hub Suspension Area?

woodbine wrote:
woodbine wrote:

Thanks for your reply, Alvy. So you're recommending gas. Would be interested to know what the original shocks would have been. Oil or gas?

Cleaned off the oil and grime on the sticker on old shock and it says 'Sachs' and 'contains nitrogen'. So a new Sachs gas shock it is, just as the manufacturers intended. Then another one for other side when I get more time.   sad

The correct Sachs OE front shock model nos. are -

Sachs 310 765 for left/nearside

Sachs 310 764 for right/off side

Hope this info helps someone in the future.

Useful , TY!


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