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#1 2024-03-17 02:12:04
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2008 2.0 HDI Dispatch-LH radiator/aircon. Fan is not operating

My Dispatch is in Queensland Australia and has a total of 284 k kilos on the speedo. I have owned it for 12 years and driven it for my small business over that time.

I am trying to analyse the subject problem that continues after the aircon Compressor and condenser have been replaced by myself  the system has been evacuated and refilled. With the engine at 1000rpm the Aircon Compressor is pumping, Pipe and condenser heat up, but no fan blowing air over same and RHS radiator. No cool air.
The RH radiator fan functions as it should.
Planning to run LH fan directly from a good battery to establish if the AC is going to work.

From the Haynes manual I see that. The Engine Management ECU provides power to the AC Pressure switch and the LH&RH engine fan relays.
I would appreciate any feedback and similar defect experience and a suggestion regarding the ideal diagnostic tool. I Di not have one .
Thank you


#2 2024-03-17 13:17:43

From: Preston
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Re: 2008 2.0 HDI Dispatch-LH radiator/aircon. Fan is not operating

I don't have anything to offer to your fan issue, but I didn't know they had Dispatches over there in Aus! I did manage to get myself a Xantia while I was there a few years ago

I imagine the electrical gremlins are gonna be hard to track down. Like you say, bypass things and narrow down on the problem and maybe a scan tool?

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