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#1 2024-03-19 20:00:20

From: Kendal
Registered: 2024-02-25
Posts: 34

1.6 HDi 16 oil leak from where?

I changed the plastic cam cover/oil  breather separator and the breather system is cleaner, so obviously the old one was clogged. It was also leaking a bit around the rubber gasket.

But the top of the head is still wet near the inlet manifold and injectors. I don't know the layout--do the injectors need a seal where they pass through the head space with the valve gear? And could crankcase pressure blow oil drips out through those seals?

I did wash the top of the engine with Jizer after changing the cam cover, and I was disappointed to see oil drips after only 2 days.

You can see the oil to left and right of the injector in this pic:



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