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#1 2024-03-20 08:57:31

From: Bristol, UK
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High Mileages On Mk1s

I'm in France at the moment, down in Lot and Garonne department. A bar I go to in the evening has a small pizza kiosk outside where I sometimes buy a pizza to soak up the fizzy lager. Bloke who runs it has a late MK1 model facelift Expert. Pointed out my Scudo of a similar vintage to him which was parked near his van.

He told me that his Expert has done 408,000 Kms/253,000 miles. I thought that was a very good mileage for these vans, though I'm sure that some have done more. Mine is only on 108,000 miles, so just run in. Does anyone know of any of the Mk1s that have done higher mileage - what's the highest you've heard of?

I think the pizza man's van was a 2.0 Hdi like mine. Are 2.0s more likely to reach higher mileages than 1.9s, or doesn't it matter?

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#2 2024-03-20 09:52:45

From: East Lothian
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Re: High Mileages On Mk1s

Think it was around 180k when i sold on my Expert and my Dispatch was about 130k. Next owner let the Expert rot and failed an MOT miserably. The Dispatch the last i looked was still on the road. Look after the engine with regular oil and filters changes they should run for ever. I remember working for Group4 and we switched from Fiestas to Pug 309's for a year then 306's. I am sure the early days were 1.9TD then switched to 2.0. These cars were on the road 24/7 and could easily rack up 100k a year. We had them on a three year lease and drove as good as we got them when handed back. Just the interior looked old and rotten but they had to be serviced at the proper intervals and the book stamped at Peugeot.  Yeah, Regular service and look after the bodywork and running gear there is not reason why you cant have that van up until the doctors says, "Hoy, Enough. Hand the licence back to DVLA you auld fart"


#3 2024-03-20 20:30:38

From: Preston
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Re: High Mileages On Mk1s

My 1.9TD Synergie made it beyond 235,000 miles! It only died because some mechanic put the old timing belt back on saying "it looks fine" when I asked him to put a new one on  mad


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#4 2024-03-21 02:35:01

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Re: High Mileages On Mk1s

I've seen other vans go as high as 500,000, so don't see why one of ours shouldn't.  If you service things correctly, there shouldn't be an issue with hitting maybe 500k or beyond.  I suspect many engines will make it that far if you take care of them.

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