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#1 2024-03-29 17:56:48

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Expert Mark 2 van 2016 bad water ingress

Hi Guys, need some help.

I have bad water ingress coming in on drivers side under rubber mat over by the wheel arch area.
The main rubber mat has been taken out and was completely soaked rotten.... i've bought a second hand one. When you put  your hand up inside the rubber covering all the wiring close to wheel arch it is completely soaked. As was all the wiring.

I bought the van before Christmas and obviously inherited the problem from the seller... don't ask!! My local garage have been great and traced a leak to rubber seal around bottom of windscreen. That was taken out and resealed and tested and was dry.  But 4 days later  there was water in the same 20240329_163929.jpegmini_20240329_163929.jpegarea after the first big downpour of rain. Garage tested the windscreen again and it did not seem to be coming from that area as tests showed no leaks.

The next stage was to start taking apart parts of the dash, consul etc and test all areas  to see if any extra areas of concern could be located. I knew this was going to be expensive and i'm already £700 in. The garage have also taken the wing off to see whats going on around the wheel arch area on drivers side. They have found a leak down the side of a bracket that's welded to the main body and then attaches to the wing and have videoed water trickling in via a round gap the other side of the bracket. I'm just not sure whether this area is the main culprit or is there something else that could be doing it?? It's definitely a water leak caused by heavy rainfall.

Apologies for the ramble but i suppose my question is... is there anything else that could be causing this leak in this area or does anyone have any experience with leaks into the cabs of these Mark 2 vans? It may well have been the windscreen coupled with this bracket area but i just want to be belt and braces before they put it all back together again.
Any help or advice will be much appreciated. Cheers Dave


#2 2024-03-29 18:41:10

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Re: Expert Mark 2 van 2016 bad water ingress … hp?id=1780 that's MK1 (1.5)
I'd say try to find air intake areas and follow the logic of where the water ingress is meant to get out, it's not a rocket science, but (as it turns out) most of the cars/vans have their designed drainage areas


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