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#1 2024-04-11 20:14:10

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2008 dispatch 2.0 air in system

Has anybody had issues with their van requiring priming prior to starting, once started it runs fine.

It went into a garage and they changed the leak off pipes and put a non return valve pre filter.
The problem came back a few days after getting the van back so i went to work myself and changed the fuel filter housing as i noticed a damaged o-ring on the filter inlet connector.

I went and filled the fuel tank up to 3/4 and the van started fine for the next 2 days, did a long trip as the vans barely moved for 2 months and the fuel went lower than 1/4 and the next day it wouldn't start, filled tank up to over half yesterday and left the van for 24hours parked up and its started fine.
This has led me to think that maybe i have a faulty fuel tank sender letting air in when at a certain level.

Just after some advice before i throw more money at it and mess around dropping my fuel tank on my drive.


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