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#1 2024-05-02 15:09:16

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Door lock sensor fix

Dispatch 2014. Driver door showing on info screen as intermittently open while driving along bumpy roads, with lock actuator locking/unlocking itself.
Research saying it's sensor built into actual lock, and needs replacement.  Most concerning, is that while like that, someone found that even when deadlock, either by key or plipper, if you push against the door, it unlocks!
Dismantled latch and did some lube and tapping dust out as suggested by others, re-assembled and no change. Looking at sensor (beside catch, flat, approx 10mm x 5mm), decided to try 2 layers of some gaffer tape on door frame part of latch...........problem solved!!

Apologies for pic wrong way - tried to resend but not having it,


Oops sorry, should have put this in Mk2 section!

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