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#1 2024-05-11 09:15:05

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Odometer display

Can the bottom number only display total mileage or can it scroll through different info? I'm looking at purchasing a 2010 van but the mileage history is a bit odd - the seller says that the garage has taken the wrong number to fill in the total mileage.


#2 2024-05-12 01:50:42

Registered: 2021-06-11
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Re: Odometer display

Whilst they do go wrong, they are scroll through to display last service and trip mileage... Which is nothing of any value to you.
Very common to have them clocked and have it done properly both clocks and ECU will show whatever they wish for. If it wasn't clocked properly mileage gets to be displayed of whichever had higher value, but it also records tampering, meaning it will show warning message at each start up.
The only way to clear those is complete ECU and BSI reset, that costs few pennies, more than just clocking.

In short, if you already seen something "iffy", it absolutely is!  These days to find an honest van is bit like to win lottery.


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