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#1 2024-06-08 19:21:37

From: Bristol
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Central locking testing

The central locking was only working on both the front doors and the near side sliding
I looked at the rear door and found both wires had broken off I think due the lining
that had been fitted had been crushing them in the tube when the door was closed

I lashed up some flying leads to test for function and it worked fine
so laid in new 2 core cable through the tube, made connections and that's now working.
I haven't looked at the OS door yet but did test for power at the door frame contacts
and got inverting power so the problem is on the door.
I saw some evidence of previous lash ups which I corrected while I was at it


fault finding testing is straight forward with a meter
There is a common Orange and Violet (purple) wire to each lock motor
powered by something like an H bridge affair which flips polarity
from lock to unlock.
When locking, the Orange will go positive and the Violet negative
in relation to each other, Unlocking gets the reverse

Unless you have a sample and hold meter, this will happen too fast for your meter to display or you to see but holding probes on the contacts and pressing the fob buttons, my meter did tell me when it had detected a positive or negative voltage so that was all I needed to know for my cursory tests.

When all else fails, RTFM


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