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#1 2024-06-24 00:21:53

From: Bristol
Registered: 2024-04-21
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No more door

I was umming and awwing over whether I needed or wanted an OS sliding door and decided to seal it up for better use of space in the van.
being 6'2" I also wanted to have the seat fully back for comfort as well
but not impinge on floor space
so decided to put some of the ply pieces laying about to good use.

I bought two cans of Sikaflex and used one sealing the door up outside and in
the other I used to (mainly) fit the ply along with some dowelling and screws
The top panel also has two bolts 'pinching' the door in to provide mechanical
back up the Sikaflex.
Sikaflex sticks like poop to a blanket and when set is still somewhat flexible
so hopefully it will help dampen vibrations and resonance.
I decided to make the partition behind the drivers seat a permanent fixture
The other I haven't decided on yet.
I've used up most of the ply now and will pause this particular project for now
and continue as and when I decide, but will finish the drivers side first.



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#2 2024-06-26 01:40:26

From: Preston
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Re: No more door

I opted similarly to block off the side door. When it was clear I always piled stuff up against that door anyway so no great loss. Plus it's easier to restock the food shelves from the supermarket car park


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