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#1 2024-07-08 12:18:38

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Low oil

So got beep warning triangle and message to indicate that the oil was low.
The dipstick indicated right at the low end, so I put in a litre, and turned the engine over. So the dipstick now shows half way.
Still the warning persisted, even after leaving overnight and restarting the engine 6 times.
Next I did a scan with torque - no faults, and then with Lexia & diagbox - again no faults found. I ran a diag on the oil pressure sensor, which came back ok, when the engine was started. At this point the warning disappeared.
Maybe I'm being cynical, but maybe it's designed to do that - keep warning until the dealers diag is hooked up?


#2 2024-07-08 16:28:05

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Re: Low oil

Some people  call it "character", I call them utter disaster (all cars post 2005-7 make)

Unlikely (PSA design) or stDealers are in it deliberately , it's headache enough when they misbehave at the best of times, booking at a decent garage for diagnostics is bit like doctor appointments- "post code lottery" and on the top of that electric/electronic parts making a massive mark up "as is" already, I think it's design and technology of manufacturers are skipping R&D, that's the biggest problem.

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