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#1 2019-11-05 14:55:59

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Front left hand door open when it closed

I’ve had an issue with my drivers door not registering that it’s closed on my 59 plate scudo van. This has been a nightmare not only does it beep all the time when driving it won’t lock it just keeps bouncing open again. I researched this and found it to be a common fault with all variants of the van where the micro switch inside the door lock gives up and no longer recognises that the door is closed. The only option being buying a complete new door lock mechanism?. So I set about removing the door card and the locking mechanism, I couldn’t figure out how to detach one of the cables from the lock to the handle so I couldn’t remove it. I turned my attention to the wiring connector thinking if I can jump the wires I can fool the ecu in to thinking the door is closed. After a while with a volt meter I’d isolated the sensor wire. It works by sending a signal to the ecu when it thinks the door is ajar cut the wire cut the signal so I decided to bodge it and scarper, quick snip and a bit of insulation tape later, hey presto it works, no more annoying beeping and I can finally lock my van. Obviously the correct thing to do would be get a new lock and I’m not a fan of bypassing electrical components But I can’t justify spending a couple of hundred quid on a door lock for a 10 year old van. I’ll keep you posted if any issues arise but so far so good. I’ve taken a pic of the wire I cut but can’t figure out how to post it, if anyone’s interested leave a post and I’ll try to figure out how to do it??


#2 2019-11-06 22:53:14

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Re: Front left hand door open when it closed

I a number of years ago had a MK4 golf with a very similar problem........
In that I never had an interior light on opening the door..............

I only discovered this was an issue with my door when after sevral months of owner ship when one evening I opened the passengers door to the interior light coming on............
Same thing Micro switch within door lock..........


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