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#1 2019-12-22 15:01:55

Registered: 2019-12-22
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2019 Dispatch 2.0 Blue HdI adblue immobilisation issue

Hi All

I know this is an up to 2016 forum but i am desperate for some advice please.

I added 20ltr of Adblue fluid when warning had come down to 25 miles.

Started engine and the warning was still at 25 miles and Adblue light still flashing.

Thought maybe it took some time to work itself in before sensor picked it up.

Drove 50 miles , immobiliser warning came up. Reached destination and turned off engine.

Vehicle is now immobilised with a full tank of Adblue in it!

Myself, several family members and 2 mechanics have looked for an override or reset option with no joy.

Citroen are a waste of time during the week so forget about them helping today!!!

I have work booked tmw and all over Xmas ,please any help greatly appreciated.



#2 2019-12-22 23:25:08

From: Borders/Dales
Registered: 2017-01-03
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Re: 2019 Dispatch 2.0 Blue HdI adblue immobilisation issue

What a pain!  "Computer says no."

We are mostly older vans here.   Hoping my pre robot apocalypse oldie sees me out.  wink

I hope someone can help though.


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