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#1 2020-07-29 21:19:25

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Peugeot expert gear selector arrangement

Hello, can someone with a peugeot expert 1999-2005 1.6-2.0hdi (needs to have the type of gear stick where you pull up to go into reverse) please send me a photo of their gear stick with the gaiter off. I've replaced the gear selector and cannot figure out where the reverse cable needs to sit. Thanks in advance.


#2 2020-07-30 13:30:18

From: Borders/Dales
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Re: Peugeot expert gear selector arrangement

I took the gaitor of one with the reverse cable recently.  Someone hat already taken the knob.   I noticed the cable just hanging loose and presumed that it would have attached to a fitting at the bottom of the gear knob.

If you can't see the attatchment, perhaps you have the wrong knob?


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