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#1 2021-02-12 10:20:50

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'98 Dispatch Seat Compatibility

Hey all

First post here. Currently converting a '98 Dispatch and looking at replacing the existing passenger bench seat with either a single passenger seat, a single passenger swivel seat, or converting the bench into a swivel.

The single passenger seats seem to be like gold dust round here - all the Dispatch/Expert/Scudos for breaking have the bench seats. Are MK2 single passenger seats compatible? And from what I gather 806 seats can also work? Is that specifically 806 front passenger seats? Or any single seat from 806 with subframe and appropriate seatbelt socket? Does year of production factor into this?

What's the score on converting to a swivel? Presumably if I can finally acquire a single passenger seat I can use a universal swivel base? Is there an option to convert the bench to swivel? I can't seem to find anything to facilitate this.

Any and all input vastly appreciated!



#2 2021-02-12 12:27:46

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Re: '98 Dispatch Seat Compatibility

From what I can tell all of the front seats in this range 806/807/C8/Dispatch/Expert up to 2016/Scudo use the same pitch holes in the floor.
The actual fixings from the seat to the base will vary. So as long as you have the base, the seat will fit.
There is a FASP swivel plate for 1305.5131SX for 07-16 seats, which I fitted to my 2015 Expert (with a bit of modification)


#3 2021-02-13 01:15:38

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Re: '98 Dispatch Seat Compatibility

Confirmed that 806/Synergie/Ulysee seats fit, as long as you take the under-seat frame too. No conversion needed for the seat belt - the seat belt clasp thing comes with the seat.

The bolts through the floor are a bitch for rust, so allow for lots of time and WD40

'98 - must be the XUD. Turbo?

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