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#1 2021-03-27 18:39:52

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Watchout when buying

When looking to purchase 2009 (59) sxudo 1.6 mutli jet, what are they key watchouts, i know the mk1 suffers with rust, is this the same, and are the dmf as problematic?


#2 2021-04-06 11:51:05

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Re: Watchout when buying

I'm led to believe that 2009 was the last year that certain models of the 2.0 HDI  came without a DPF {FAP} ..........
In my opinion the 2.0 HDI is the superior engine..............

The 1.6HDI is not the best effort with shared development with Fords DLD it's stuck into everything even the BMW Mini and Volvo..........

"There are conflicting legends about the reliability and resource of the 1.6 HDi 16-valve engine. Some say that this motor is very reliable and serves faithfully, the main thing is only to service it on time using correct spec oil. For others, this engine causes ongoing problems and repair costs."

DmF's are always problomatic one way or antother depending on treatment ............

I've got a Mk1 face lift it's 16 yrs old this year yikes and rust issues I'd put down to age mostly other than that I think for a van they hold up really quite well............


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