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#1 2014-05-30 09:14:36

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Dash bulbs replacement


Just bought an Peugoet expert impressed with these vans, I'm going to change the bulbs for the odemeter, rather than take it apart and rushing round trying to find a new question is what size bulbs are they and how many, so that I buy them prior to repair.

Many  thanks for your response smile


#2 2014-07-15 14:44:14

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Re: Dash bulbs replacement

Hi Billy and welcome!

This isn't something that I've had to look at personally so not much help I'm afraid.

Did you ever find out what you needed?


On my second Citroen Dispatch - 2005 - Long way to go ... !


#3 2014-10-22 07:56:57

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Re: Dash bulbs replacement

Hi, bit late but for the record I recently replaced a lot of these on my 54 plate Dispatch, the bulbs I used in that are by Ring Automotive 2 per pack and are numbered as...
'RW286 Interior' 12v 1.2w W2x4.6d
I will also mention, after undoing the three screws on the heater vent and removing it, remove the two screws holding the dash surround. There may be a screw only accessible from underneath and to the right side of the steering column holding the dash surround down! You'll have to remove the steering column cover to undo it.

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