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#1 2019-09-26 17:43:08

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Where in Scudo radiator has sensor?

Hi... I have 2004 Scudo (versio 1) and I have a problem with radiator fan not working. It works if I directly ad power it from the battery but it don't start on it own and fluid will overheat and push out of then. I have change sensor from the motor and also the thermostat is changed...


#2 2019-09-27 00:58:17

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Re: Where in Scudo radiator has sensor?

The coolant temperature sensor, at least on the 1.9, is just above the thermostat. On my DW8 there were two - one was for the dash, the other was for the fan. I gather in other DW8 vans there was one combined sensor in the same place.

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#3 2019-10-09 23:07:55

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Re: Where in Scudo radiator has sensor?

I've been battling cooling issues with mines which leads to terrible fuel economy (18mpg if i'm lucky and lucky to get to 60mph), i turns out the thermostat in it was a circoli and was maybe like 2mm too small in diameter, the other defining difference is the rubber ring seal has a slit in it so that it fit over the outer edge of the thermostat, anyway I tried the cheap circoli and normal ring seal (no slit to fit over thermostat outer) and sealed the whole housing up with some train grade sealant lol, anyway, engine would still not go past 70c (this included a new sensor on thermostat) I think the coolant was blowing past the thermostat I installed, today I installed a Quinton Hazel thermostat that had the correct rubber ring seal and this fitted perfectly in to the thermostat housing once fitted around the thermostat...

But I now have the issue you have where coolant is purging while I'm trying to bleed the radiator. Dillemma... I did try driving it this time round instead of bleeding it in a parking space, maybe that was the wrong thing to do? I'll try it the other way tomorrow and will report back if purge and/or if manage to keep at 90c.



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