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#1 2018-03-06 08:50:08

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Engine shange scudo 1,9 TD - 2000, from jumpy 1,9 TD 1999

I have shanged the engine in my scudo 1,9 TD from 2000 to an engine from a jumpy 1,9 TD from 1999.
I took all the cables and databox from the jumpy (not the box behind the battery when looked the same).
The jumpy was driven down a long slope and crached into some trees.
The problem i have is that the engine want start when it doesn`t get any fuel to the injectors.
I notised that it goes 4 cables to the pump on same side as the outgoing pipes from the pump, is it some kind of security stop switch in there ?, i have checked the stop cylinoid and it works and checked the the switch with the steelball and red button and the sensor at the flywheel, and i can`t understand why it doesn`t come any fjuel out from the pump, is there anyone who could help me to get the engin sterted ?
(i am from Finland so excuse me for my bad english, hope you can understand it)
Regards Bert


#2 2018-03-06 10:43:15

From: East Lothian
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Re: Engine shange scudo 1,9 TD - 2000, from jumpy 1,9 TD 1999

Sorry Bert cant help direct with your problem but ask the same question on this Fiat forum

Scroll down the bottom for the Scudo section

Good luck


#3 2018-03-06 23:25:13

From: Bradford
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Re: Engine shange scudo 1,9 TD - 2000, from jumpy 1,9 TD 1999

Worth mentioning that it's a Peugeot/Citroen engine too. might be able to help. I've had some good technical help there too.

You'll have no ECU in there, so there won't be a problem with that.

My Synergie had that engine, and it did have a fuel cut off switch that's triggered after a crash. I never looked for it, but I know it had one.

1999 Citroen Dispatch 1.9 DW8 Camper Conversion


#4 2018-03-07 00:16:19

From: SW. Scotland
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Re: Engine shange scudo 1,9 TD - 2000, from jumpy 1,9 TD 1999

My best guess is check diesel is getting to pump from tank and if so crack injectors to release any air this should indicate where to possibly look if no fuel is appearing at each stage
It does sound as though it may have some kind of fuel cut of switch kicking in

You never know "A miss matched immobilizer code" (I've a 96 diesel golf and it has immobilizer and a mates 99 Scudo had to get doctored when he lost key"


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