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#1 2018-11-10 23:56:15

From: Bradford/Preston/Anywhere
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The scariest car park I've ever been in

Parking in Manchester overnight, and knew this car park would be £4, which is great for 24 hours' city centre parking.

Get there, notice the 1.8m height limit. The Dispatch is 1.9m high. Eep.



I didn't hit the warning sign. Decided to drive in veeeery slowly.


Got away with it. Handily the van is exactly as tall as I am so if I can walk through without banging my head, so can the van.

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#2 2018-11-12 08:47:40

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Re: The scariest car park I've ever been in

I forgot my local shopping centre has a height restriction going in, its open air so its just there to annoy van owners, it has a fixed metal bar at 2 meters. I drove in to it in my Scudo with a roof rack on and back half of roof rack scraped the paint off the metal bar, think it would be fine loaded though as back end will be lower.


#3 2018-11-12 16:36:15

From: SW. Scotland
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Re: The scariest car park I've ever been in

You did right taking it easy.......... These vans are as you say 1.9M........ Iv'e tended to notice over the years with Lorries that bridge hights are usualy marked lower than they really are ............ by how much % ......Ive no idea....... I recollect (many moons ago) in a lapse of  concentration having driven into our yard with a 13'1" fridge changing it to a 13'9" box and not taking the diversion to avoid the 13'6" bridge .......... Heading out to load I romped under and away only to realise what I did on return ......  Partly I'm told (if true) incase of a resuface of road plus if you have 13'6" vehicle it should go under a bridge marked as that......... Car park height must be much the same ......... How many people came a cropper in their 806, ulysee,synege which these vans are based on ......or even a Sedonda or the likes etc......

With the roof box on Ive  marked mine up as 2.20M .......... only because Ive made it under that on a overhead barrier............ yet the ferry still put me in with the lorries and taller vans...........


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