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#1 2018-12-27 02:32:03

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2006 1.9 Expert. Heater/ losing Water

Please someone help!!!!
I have a 1.9 2006 Expert, it runs okay although mpg could be better. The heater always blows cold, so I changed the thermostat today and still no different, I topped up the water level and drove around for a while hoping the blower would warm up... it didn’t! When I parked up I could hear a hissing so after investigating I found that water was squirting out from somewhere behind the back of my engine.
Anyone have any ideas??


#2 2018-12-27 12:15:15

From: East Lothian
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Re: 2006 1.9 Expert. Heater/ losing Water

If you are lucky it will only be a rubber hose. You will have one going in through the bulkhead and a return. This is taking the water and running it through your metrix radiator in the cab. Obviously its not reaching due to your leak. Only you can see whats going on so may need to get down under the van and look up for better access. You probably could still get the hose but if not dont stress as there is plenty silicon hose company's out there that will have something.


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