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#26 2018-12-28 18:08:33

From: SW. Scotland
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Re: Battery Light Dimly Lit While Driving ...

No Worries... I'd bet the info sticker is on right where it's mounted to the engine and inaccessible...........
Since posting the question.... I found and had a look at the alternator we removed and replaced on the 306 which is fitted with a DW8 all be it a first generation (Does that make it a DW8-A?)and it has the two screw .... Nut N Bolt type fittings

You may be right your's may be for a different version or could be for a mk2 2.0L HDI van hence spade conector requirement .......

Either way  your van's working that's main thing........ (power steering pump on 306 came of a Berlingo it's the same but different.......... Low pressure return is at a diferent angle for reservoir a modification to support return pipe did the trick)


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