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#1 2019-01-21 21:15:49

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Dispatch 1.9 2006 Starting Issues... Help!

Hi my van was a little hard to start a few mornings ago but after a few turns it was ok and drove as normal. After driving for around 20 minutes I stalled at traffic lights, it took over 10 minutes to restart even though it was fully up to temp. 10 minutes later I pulled up and turned the engine off, 15 minutes after it wouldn't start again but fired straight up after a very short push. I completed my journey and parked up for several hours when I returned it took 20 minutes or so to start again. Drove home with no issues, however it wouldn't start again the following day or since. I've charged the battery fully and still doesn't start, after turning over for 10 minutes black smoke comes from the exhaust. 1.9 2006.

Anyone got any ideas? Could it be one of the engine sensors or something more serious?


#2 2019-01-21 22:28:41

From: Borders/Dales
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Re: Dispatch 1.9 2006 Starting Issues... Help!

First thought was air in fuel line till I read the no start and black smoke.

But I am no mechanic and know nothing of sensors.  I expect someone will be along with an idea or two though.

Have you tried easy start?  Not a cure obviously but might be interesting to see if it fires and runs.


#3 2019-01-21 22:32:21

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Re: Dispatch 1.9 2006 Starting Issues... Help!

Where would I spray easy start


#4 2019-01-21 23:38:45

From: Bradford/Preston/Anywhere
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Re: Dispatch 1.9 2006 Starting Issues... Help!

My old Synergie had weird inconsistent running, cutting out while driving etc. Turned out the fuel pump had died. Not devastating, but not ideal.

Before you get to that, trace the problem back.

Fuel supply issues:
- Next to the fuel pump you should see some clear pipes. When you crank the engine, do you see air bubbles?
- Open the fuel filter housing[1], is it full of diesel? While you're there, change the filter. They're like £7 from your favourite motor factors/Euro Car Parts/Halfords/Amazon
- Trace the metal pipes from the fuel pump to the injectors. Use a spanner to slacken one of them off and crank the engine. You should see diesel squirting out at a reasonable pressure.

Air supply issues:
- Follow the plastic air supply that goes over the top of the engine. Towards the front you should see a junction with a ribbed metal pipe coming into the left. Go further towards the front and there should be a jubilee clip. Undo that and remove the pipe. Try to start the engine (remember it might be flooded so give it a good go)
- This is where you spray the easy start in. Spray it into that part while cranking the engine
- It's possible the EGR is pushing too much shitty air into the engine. This is a bit more involved, so if you get to this point let us know and we can take it from there

Glow Plugs:
- It's unlikely to do with this if your engine cut out while running, but worth checking
- Get a multimeter and test the glow plugs[2]. For 30s after you put the ignition on you should see a yellow light on the dash, that's the time to test your glow plugs are getting voltage

[2] <-- XUD9 engine, but same principle

2000 Citroen Dispatch 1.9TD XUD9 Camper Conversion + full time home
1999 Citroen Dispatch 1.9D DW8 Disassembled Camper Conversion
1996 Peugeot 806 1.9TD XUD9 Spare vehicle
1998 Citroen Synergie 1.9TD XUD9 Snapped timing belt


#5 2019-01-22 00:58:37

From: SW. Scotland
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Re: Dispatch 1.9 2006 Starting Issues... Help!

I'm with kenbw2 on this.... the 1.9 DW8 is as basic/old school a diesel you'll get........  and is a bit like they say on a basic/old school petrol engine but in this  case
Fuel-enough compresion to fire it  and timeing........

As we know it's been running ....  A quick check it's getting fuel as said above........ A good squirt off easy start and .........A quick check of timing just to make sure it's not loosing it.............

If you give it a squirt of easy start don't be surprised it runs and then stops..... This could indicate  fuel supply problem.....

Or fires and continues to run..... could still be a fuel supply problem......

(Your symptoms are similar but only in the starting Dept to my partners Neighbours Dispatch........... After witnessing it's behaviour first hand...... Diagnosed the possibility of a "Faulty stop solinoid".......Which turned out to be the case ... but that's  another story)


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