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#1 2019-04-21 08:43:19

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Cylinder Head/Head Gasket

Hello fellow Dispatch owners,

I have owned my 2008 Dispatch for a year now and although quite a high miler at 145K, I love the van and it has performed perfectly up to now....

Last week she started to overheat combined with a mystery coolant leak as well as oil in the coolant!!!!!

My local garage started by finding the reason for the oil in the coolant, which they solved and flushed out the coolant system and charged me £500 for the pleasure. This stopped the oil getting into the coolant but did not stop the coolant leak and didn't stop the overheating!!

They have told me that the problem now will either be the Head Gasket or the Cylinder Head itself which may have cracked/warped under over heating. Either way it will cost me at least another £500 to fit a new gasket/head and maybe more depending on what they find when they open her up.

The way I see it I have 3 options:

1. Given I am already £500 down, I should cut my losses and scrap it/sell for spares and replace the van with something newer (££££££)
2. Go ahead and let the garage change the head/gasket and hope it stays around the 500 mark. (££)
3. Get a reconditioned engine fitted (around 1250 + labour) which would probably last me a good few years. (£££)

Any thoughts???!!!




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