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#1 2019-05-27 13:00:16

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New Expert HDi Owner

Hi everyone, new Expert owner here.

I bought my Expert HDi a few months ago and it has been brilliant van so far. Glad to have found this forum dedicated to these vans. Here's what I've done to mine so far:

- I got an online remap and EGR delete from HDi Tuning - I've used this company before when I had a Xantia HDi, and I'd really recommend them. The van feels very lively indeed now, and is much better when fully loaded and going up hills.

- I installed a reverse camera. Makes life a lot easier when reversing, and was pretty straight forward to fit too.

The next job is trying to solve the well documented 'air-brake' side door issue. I've installed new guides and locators on both sides but it's still a little bit noisy at speed so I shall need to have another fiddle.

Has anyone bought/made any cupholders for their van? The one in the door is next-to-useless, so that'll be next on the list.



#2 2019-05-27 13:46:32

From: Bradford/Preston/Anywhere
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Re: New Expert HDi Owner

Here's me thinking I'm lucky to have cupholders where my Synergie had none! I agree though, they're not much use. I use my shoe as a cupholder.

My current (new) Dispatch is the best I've ever seen for the air brake issue, but I think it's by design. On the 7 seater Dispatches the front doors have little wind deflectors on them, which I'd love to have. I keep thinking of making my own.

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#3 2019-05-27 16:30:30

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Re: New Expert HDi Owner

Cupholders, now theres a thing.
I keep my house keys in the one in the door.
Love my Hdi; moderately quick and quite economical.
Welcome to the forum

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#4 2019-05-27 23:15:52

From: Borders/Dales
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Re: New Expert HDi Owner

I have had a few explosions when slamming the door while using the cup holder.   Now use a horrible plywood console box thing between the front seats with a cup holder.  Any practical solutions to mounting a cup holder most welcome.

I think I am lucky with my doors.   They used to lift at speed at first until I replaced plastic guide buffer things with proper metal ones.  No draughts or noise now.

From past comments on the forum it seems improvements to door fit can be made by adjustments.  But I think it can be quite tricky to get them right.

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#5 2019-05-29 00:41:46

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Re: New Expert HDi Owner

Yeah got to agree, the sliding doors are poor. Mine rained in on the passenger side when I first got it, until I read one of the posts on this forum and after following the link, got a couple of new plastic locators and studied how all the door adjustments worked. The door was too far in at the bottom and therefore too far out at the top, so moved the bottom out a little and tightened the catch up to pull it in a little and now I've got no more leaks or wind noise. Got to say though, it took a good half day and a lot of patience but the results were worth it.

Welcome to a great forum,

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