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#1 2019-05-29 21:20:00

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56 reg dispatch front swivels

hiya,can anyone help,.....'ive got a 56 reg former scottish water hdi 95 dispatch,it has 15 inch steel wheels cos of the larger front calipers ( 2 slider pins) and discs,the nsf swivel is totally knackered,also on the wishbone the front rubber bush has larger shank bolts,those silly torx things then the normal ones for the rear bush,(19mm socket).
ive heard on another forum that in the last 6 months of mk1 manufacture that a so called heavy duty front end was fitted.
it seems that the 2 for 75 quid on ebay aint compatable with mine,i assume cos of the carriers.
has anyone else had any dealings with this type?
my hub carrier is that knackered ive just had to weld the ball joint in to stop it flappin about.
any leads as to where i can get a new one or part numbers would be helpfull thanks.
seen them ones on ebay for 235 quid each but cant tell if theyre right.


#2 2019-05-30 22:55:23

From: Bradford/Preston/Anywhere
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Re: 56 reg dispatch front swivels

Assuming the parts you're talking about are the ones it rolled out of the factory with, you can look them up on Citroen Service.

I can look them up for you if you want to post your VIN

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#3 2019-06-01 20:47:01

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Re: 56 reg dispatch front swivels

I also have a 2006 (registered early 2007) ex Scottish Water 2.0 HDI Dispatch and didn't realise there were differences?  I do know there is plenty of surface corrosion under it though!


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