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#1 2019-07-05 06:23:21

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Newbie Help!!!

Hi everybody as you can see I'm new to the forum. I'm looking for some help!
I bought a great Fiat Scudo 1.9 non turbo 3 months ago which has been great. Last week as I was driving along and suddenly lost all except for 5th gear. I had it recovered to my local garage and they diagnosed that the selector shaft had seized in the gearbox. I thought it was odd as the gearbox had been replaced by another garage 5k ago and the symptoms seemed to be exactly what you would expect from a snapped cable.
I mentioned this but they were adamant so it was recovered to the other garage to have the gearbox repaired under warranty.....Guess what? I had a call from the garage to say the gearbox is fine and it simply needs a set of cables! They are looking to charge me £668 all in as I now have to cover the cost of recovery and the cables are main dealer at £331 a set.....Has anyone else had a similar experience? I'd appreciate any feedback....


#2 2019-07-05 10:23:17

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Re: Newbie Help!!!

Maybe it is the cable, but on my old 2002 Expert 1.9 the gears disappeared and it was the final linkage to the selector shaft.
Like this … 1878849085
The plastic cup bit had disintegrated - not surprising after 15 years.


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