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#1 2019-07-05 13:28:24

Den 1
Registered: 2019-04-24
Posts: 8

power steering pipes

I had 1 of the power steering flexy hoses go on my 1999 dispatch 1.9d so I  took them off and down to a hydraulic place near me and they replaced 2 perished ones. It isn't the nicest jobs to take these off as they are a mile long and the fluid everywhere doesn't help. I have now found that they have crimped them in the wrong position as the pipes wont go where they are supposed to. Has anyone got any pics of the pipes where they go under the van, or do they fancy taking some for me? They are the 2 flexys over the top of the REAR of the subframe from the cooling pipes under passenger floor.

regards den


#2 2019-07-05 16:45:29

From: SW. Scotland
Registered: 2015-08-31
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Re: power steering pipes

If you have access to Citroen Service Box........... I'm sure they have diagrams of the power steering pipes layout there..(I have no idea how to post a diagram here)............Failing that do any of the service manual available here show the routing...........


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