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#1 2019-08-18 15:51:47

From: Congleton, Cheshire
Registered: 2016-04-02
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Expert Steering Wheel Upgrade

So, the steering wheel in the van was looking a little worse for wear! So the decision to replace it was made!

I plumbed for a Peugeot 207cc leather steering wheel, purchased off ebay for a very reasonable £60 delivered. Condition is like new!

So the big question was would it fit, having checked on service box I was pretty sure it would fit nicely. Any hows, old airbag removed and then steering wheel. A fairly straight forward affair, release air bag via spring release through hole at base of steering wheel then pull off carefully. Disconnect the wiring connector and earth terminal.

Remove the securing screw and gently knock rear of steering wheel towards the rear of the vehicle, mine came off quite easily which I wasn't expecting!

New Wheel offered up to steering column and fits perfectly, securing screw refitted and torqued to specified setting of 20Nm, next wiring looms refitted to original air bag and pushed into place.

Reconnected battery, and ignition turned on via open window! Just in case!






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