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#1 2019-09-07 12:25:20

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I've been updating my Lexia software to be able to read the ECU (Delphi 3.5BR2) on my DW10CD and am on V7.76
Also been getting into the detail of the live data measurements which can be a bit tricky to understand.
In this version of s/w the data logs are stored in c:\AWRoot\dtwr\SpareTrace with files names  like 000000.MPM.20190811-162952.xml.
However the way the data is stored is not really that useful, each parameter being measured is stored as a list of data points having a Value and a Timestamp.
So with 22 parameters there will be 22 lists, which makes it tricky graph out several parameters at once. Additionally the parameter headings are in French.
To get the lists transposed into rows of values at the same timestamps, I've cobbled together a Python script to convert the xml file to csv format, so that files can be imported into excel for viewing/graphing.
If anyone else is interested in using this then I can post a copy of the small script (you will need to install Python to use it)

What I was ultimately hoping to do, is get other owners to submit live data logs when the van is running correctly to assess what typical data values would be when the system is healthy.


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