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#1 2019-10-24 17:26:39

From: SW. Scotland
Registered: 2015-08-31
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New graphics

My graphics were getting shabby and had been So for last 18 months at least That I'd noticed ............
Especially seen when your cleaning van...........
Some sections/parts were cracking and going crazy paving like............

So when the Lad next door knocked off the electric hookup cover (When turning round his 7x5 car trailer) left a bit of a Scrape/dent and caught the edge of tail light lens (The plastic rubbing strip alsogot scuffed...It'll scrubb up with some boot polish)the scene was set...........

I'm still awaiting the arrival of tail light lens and hook up thingy but the graphics are on.............
I thought replicate sort of and in gunmetal colour was discust............
I'm going to say I'm really unsure their nothing like I thought  (nobody mentioned silver to me)...........
Certainly not my first choice  and I'm still having a double take (who's van is that).........
They'll  stay for a wee while.... See if I get used to them and settle down or I sell van as I've had the notion..........

Does it look like a Motor-Caravan?


#2 2019-10-24 18:36:28

From: East Lothian
Registered: 2015-12-20
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Re: New graphics

I like it but.... Me. I would have had the middle and back on other side keeping the black at the top or even the others so the silver is on top all the way along. Nah, prefer black.  big_smile

Come to think about it that would not work. As you were

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#3 2019-10-25 08:15:22

Registered: 2018-06-01
Posts: 103

Re: New graphics

Yep like this think it suits the van shape better than my camper swirls I had on Muffin1 which were mainly chosen to A make it look like a camper but B cover particular scrape marks from when it was a van.


#4 2019-10-25 11:22:15

From: Anywhere the van takes me
Registered: 2017-11-26
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Re: New graphics

Regardless of whether or not you're happy with the design, I think you can be proud of how well you've fitted them. They look perfectly lined up and cut around the edges

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