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#1 2019-10-25 19:08:39

From: Radstock
Registered: 2019-10-24
Posts: 6

Im impressed

big_smile  I must say how impressed I am with Pugsley (although I'm preaching to the converted)  big_smile

I have loaded him up this evening with all the kit for a weekend scout camp for 16 children.

the only thing I noticed apart from the weight was a slightly lower speed to revs.

Can't wait to camp in it this weekend  tongue


#2 2019-10-25 20:35:58

From: Borders/Dales
Registered: 2017-01-03
Posts: 521

Re: Im impressed

Hope you have a good one.  May be wet though.

I don't envy you with the 16 kids but do appreciate you doing it.  Can be a formative experience for some.  Started me of in the early sixties and I am still happier camping than at home now.


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