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#1 2019-11-26 18:50:56

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Sensor identification

Hi all,
I’m after a bit of help. Can anyone identify what this sensor is dangling from the mid underside of a Dispatch (64 plate)? It’s tipping it down with rain so I can’t get underneath to have a good look at the mo. No warning lights on and it drove home ok. It is hanging between the two fuel tanks but I can’t see where it should be located. Just realised I’d posted my first post in the wrong section!


#2 2019-11-27 02:40:07

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Re: Sensor identification

As my Van's a MK 1 this is definitely not my territory.....

But your mention of twin tanks and looking at the photo and seeing the two pipes and those (alleged) quick release ends.........
Don't quote me on this but "My suspicion is" those pipes will trace back to one of the two tanks .... either your FAP Fluid tank (Smaller one of two) in which case part of the vehicles emissions system ............
If main tank ... Part of a charcoal canister or the likes (Diesel type vapor collector/separator thing)...........

This is a "suspicion" {conclusion} on my part


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