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#1 2020-01-23 02:41:58

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Scudo 2009, A/C compressor always engaged.

I have a Fiat Scudo 2009 120 multijet 2.0L,

My Air conditioner seems to be engaged all the time whilst driving and pumps cold air whether I have the AC button pressed or not.

Another symptom i have noticed is that the little green indicator light on the AC button lights up when i press the AC button, even when the fan control dial is on zero.

I have checked under the hood and it seems the air conditioning compressor is actually disengaged when I start the motor and it engages after about 10 seconds (this happens every time, whether the fan speed control switch or AC button are on or off), This I think indicates to me that the A/C clutch is working correctly.

I have also noticed that I think both thermo fans on the radiator are running most if not all of the time, and I had one fan stop working because the brushes were worn out (possibly a symptom)

I am suspecting an electrical issue, but do not know where or how the electrics are run/located and there is no indication in the user manual about the location of the fuses and relays for the A/C system. and I have bought an ebay PDF of the Citroen dispatch workshop manual and can't find much to help me in there also.

Hoping someone out there might have some info that might be able to help me!


#2 2020-01-23 12:28:30

From: SW. Scotland
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Re: Scudo 2009, A/C compressor always engaged.

I've got a Mk1 facelift Van so No real idea where Fuses are but on my Van there behind glove box and accesable when it's removed............

And you do sound as though you have an electrical issue with A/C running irrespective of dash controls.........
But this doesn't sound like a blown fuse issue to me ..............
More like Shorting out and being powered from elsewhere.........
(I could be spectacularly wrong)

Both Fans Running when A/C is on Sounds correct.......
1 fan engages for radiator 2 fans engaged for A/C ...

What confuses me most in symptons is Pumping cold air............(Apart from A/C being on all the time)

What are heater controls set at ?........
It's a miss-conception in this country I hear all the time that A/C only blows cold...........
"It Conditions the Air"

I'm not saying you fall into this category..........
As it's fully possable this is part of the electrical problem your experiencing as even on the Mk1 like mine IIRC heater controls are electrically operated .........
"No manual cables"

Sorry this is not the most helpfull

I've since found this...Might be of use......................

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