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#1 2020-02-23 18:42:12

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Anyone know where i can get full side glass windows

hi all looking for full size windows for side doors and rearmost of the van, just wondering if anyone new where i could purchase or has anyone used say vw side windows?? ive attached a link to a camper conversion company that has pics of the glass i mean,  i noticed that member
k_wyndham_t has the same kind of setup im after, but cant see to find a message function on here. newbie guys sorry. Any help appreciated many thanks


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#2 2020-02-23 23:50:53

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Re: Anyone know where i can get full side glass windows

I was going to suggest a breakers until reading all your post on Style of glass your after ............
Funny thing a freind of at least 30 years asked me a similar question during last week about his youngest boy looking for side windows on His MK 7 Transit Jumbo......
I' ll say same thing but looks as though you've maybe started along same lines........
And that is in google search bar "van window fitting near me"............
I found that these vans in MK1 form are not so easily found listed or maybe it was just near us along with a 2010 MK 7 Transit Jumbo..........

Maybe a PM to k_wyndham_t will answer your question .....if that facility was optioned by him or with luck he should be along to answer your concerns shortly

Sorry your link doesn't work for me..........


#3 2020-02-24 00:45:12

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Re: Anyone know where i can get full side glass windows

I had to go through the whole getting windows fitted rigmarole for mine. It came with back windows so that was already sorted but I wanted side windows.

The easiest option if you want tinted windows is this: … -old-shape
I even went to visit them to see what they're like, the guy was very helpful and I've no doubt he'd do a good job. They look great from the outside. Just be aware that a lot of the glass is opaque for sticking to the van - the see through bit is in the middle, roughly the size of the cut out of the double skin on the door.

Because I wanted 100% transparent ones I got some custom ones fitted and I'm very pleased with them.

You'll get slightly bigger windows if you can get the factory fitted doors, assuming you can get the same colour as your van. When I had my white one this is what I did because the doors were relatively easy to come by. The dors are quite easy to swap, if you're prepared for a lot of trial and error in getting them to shut properly.

Here's the posts when I was going through this:

- Initial questions: … php?id=665
- The options I was considering: … php?id=722
- What I ended up going for: … php?id=735

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#4 2020-03-26 13:37:56

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Re: Anyone know where i can get full side glass windows

As kenbw2 said Van Windows Direct, they only do door ones but if you turn a door one upside down you can use it as a side one, oh and by the way the doors are symetrical so both sides are the same.


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